SDYV 11/19/2015 My Votes

Happy Turkey day folks.  Hope your bellies are full and you avoided fights with family memembers you only see once a year – unless someone took a pie to face or your drunkle got 3D’d through a table because you should be posting that madness on youtube right now.

It’s a holiday edition of SmackDown so unless you’ve read the spoilers, you can go into it like me expecting someone dressed as a turkey (or maybe the return of the Soaring Swagger Eagle) and Sasha Banks dressed as a sexy Pilgrim.  I’m kinda torn about that.  Regardless, here’s how I voted last week.  Stop on by tomorrow when you recover from your itis and cast your ballot in the next SmackDown Your Vote.

Match of the Night

  1. All 45 seconds of Miz vs Cesaro
  2. Neville/Dudleys vs Cosmic Wasteland in the Dudleys’ weekly edition of wrestling for the sake of wrestling
  3. Tyler vs Zach and a second helping of squash
  4. Charlotte vs Brie in the only other match that got time
  5. Big E vs Kalisto and really, are big Squash lobbyist in the audience
  6. Main Event featuring KO in a glorified cameo: Easy choice. The only match that had time, plus guys that actually get to do stuff from time to time.

Move of the Night

  1. Tilt-a-whirl into Crossface because, come one man, Cesaro is amazing
  2. Star Dust Curtsey because well, the Disaster Kick was a bit of a Disaster
  3. Bubba’s Standing One Arm Side Slam, basically the only none punching move in the match
  4. Unprettier because well, it just makes sense and I miss Christian too
  5. Brie’s Running Knee to the Face because it looked and sounded good
  6. The Height on Big E’s Splash because Geez that man’s got hops
  7. Kalisto’s Handspring Reverse Enziguri because it’s cool
  8. ADR’s Second Enziguri so good it go a slo mo replay: I feel bad not picking my boy Cesaro, especially since we won’t be getting weekly highlights of him for a while, but that kick was a thing of beauty.
  9. Dean’s Sell of the BackStabber
  10. KO Getting Speared after Dean Leap Frogs Him on the PUP Attempt

Most Underutlized of the Night

  1. Cesaro – no words, and only one offensive move
  2. Kalisto – thanks for reminding us you’re fast and can jump
  3. New Day – Short promo, match almost as short
  4. Kevin Owens – A super kick is about all he hit successfully in his match: It’s nice that he got to hang out with the cools kids, but I rather he powerbomb and  German suplex them while reminding us that’s why he’s the champ.

Most Dominant of the Night

  1. ADR – Most of the offense against Dean was his
  2. Ryback – Another day, another beat down of three guys
  3. Roman – The Exclamation Point!: It was a close one, but in the end Roman Reigns.

Best Talking Bit

  1. Dean Sticking up for the Miz
  2. R-Truth for World Champion
  3. Tyler Callng out Ziggler and Ryder’s Lack of Fashion Sense
  4. The Black Harbinger of the Apocolypse and Toppler of Monuments to a Bygone Era: Even though the pay off was him being effortlessly chokeslammed through a table in a match he wasn’t officially a part of, I dig 8os style supervillian speeches that have the tiniest inkling of possibly coming to pass.
  5. Dean and Roman backstage
  6. Paige’s Explanation
  7. Random E! Interview
  8. New Day

Who Walks Out Champion Sunday

  1. Roman: Vote Roman because I figured it was sink or swim time, but I freely admit to thinking Sheamus was being held off for later.
  2. Dean
  3. KO
  4. ADR
  5. R-Truth
  6. Mr. Money in the Bank

Does Anyone Turn on Sunday

  1. No:  And man was  I happy.
  2. Roman
  3. Dean
  4. R-Truth
  5. Cesaro

Should Someone Replace MizTV

  1. No
  2. The KO Show
  3. Breakfast For Dinner with Dean Ambrose: It could still happen.  I wouldn’t be mad if Sasha got a dedicated talk show segment.  Has that ever been done with a woman?
  4. New Day EveryDay
  5. Who’s the Boss with Sasha

Was The Double Count Out a Good Call

  1. Yes, keeps everyone looking strong
  2. No, they aren’t building to a tag match
  3. No, because the faces still stood tall so why does it matter if the heels didn’t take the loss: No Country For Old Smarks it is.

That’s it.  See you guys Sunday for an analysis of the Diva’s Revolution.


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