Faith, Family, and Fighting: All Phase 1 Ideas and Concepts (1st Update)

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The Man Who Fell Into The Black Inferno: Currently available at (click the title).  The first of the 4 Black Inferno Books, this introduces the world to John Jason Kennedy and some of the mythology behind the Black Inferno, Old Earth, and Nyota.  Clocking in at just over 48,000 words, it’s a quick but satsifying read for those that like action, a little romance, some humor, and a taste of a future right around the corner.

Children of Old Earth: Explains how Luscious Malloy gained his powers and explores the effect this has on several other individuals.  Expect some big fights, origin stories, casual danger dialog, and the far reaching consequences of some choices.

Grappling With Faith: A wrestler turned professional fighter hits rock bottom and looks to God for answers.

Make The City By The Sea The Place To Be: After a hurricane ravages his home town, a reporter is tasked with interviewing the personal turmoil it has caused the populace.  In the midst of this tragedy, several powerful men stake claim to revitalizing the town but what are their real plans for the City by the Sea?


Comic Books


Search for the Black Inferno: 1 Shot; Digital – A team of explorers get more than they bargain after discovering the mysterious Dark Flame.

One More Day ‘Til Victory: 8 issues; Digitial/Print – An entertainment blogger is convinced by her sister to follow the exploits of the “Miracle Man.”


9:25 Series (Online)


The Old Me Is Dead: A man discovers that he is legally dead and takes advantage of a fresh start. Like most men, however, there are those out there that will not let him out run his past.  This a dramatic short series with splashes of action through out as our protagonist attempts to keep his old life from bleeding into his new one.

Faith, Family, and Fighting: A weekly recap of what’s going on in my life including future projects, interviews, and words of encouragement.


Hour Long Broadcast (Television and/or Streaming Service)


Fighter’s Paradise Unlimited: The story of one man’s quest to change the world one student at a time by building a school like no other that incorporates his love of martial arts, science, and spirituality.




GT Ronin: Action packed tale of two men loyal to only each other and the idea of keeping their city free of the corrupting influences of various gangs, politicians, and corporations.

A Matter of Choice: What if every decision you made, changed someone else’s life?  What if that decision changed reality? One man learns that in his reality, he is the coin flip that determines the fate of millions.



First Choices


Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson:  Lucious Malloy (A Matter of Choice/Children of Old Earth)

Michael Jai White: Jamaal Mitchell(A Matter of Choice/Children of Old Earth)

Johnny Yong Bosch: Michael Chong (The Old Me Is Dead/A Matter of Choice)

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks: Casey James (Children of Old Earth)

Nathan Fillion: Lieutenant Calvin Grant(A Matter of Choice)

Mark Dacascos: Long (Black Inferno/A Matter of Choice)

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