The Man Who Fell: A Ken-troduction



A Wrestler in All of Us

Kennedy expertly disabled the deadbolt to the split level home at 1348 Jefferson Drive and entered as if he owned it.

“Honey, I’m home.”  Heavy footsteps headed in his direction.  

Kennedy folded his arms over his chest and waited until a man at least twelve inches taller than his seventy two ducked into the doorway and glared at him first with confusion then with a cold focus.

“What?  Did I miss dinner again?”  The man charged at him.

“That’s it.  Let’s hug it out.”

Kennedy bent his knees slightly and hugged the larger man’s waist.  Using the giant’s momentum Kennedy arched his back and dropped the man head first on the floor.


Kennedy grabbed Malloy in a full nelson.

“Really?” Malloy broke the grip, but Kennedy quickly wrapped his arms around Malloy’s waist, lifted Malloy from the ground and slammed Malloy backwards on his head and shoulders.


Flirting on the Job

“Sir, please don’t disrupt the field like that.”

Kennedy took a few steps forward and the scenery instantly transformed.  One of four vans was parked in the driveway.  The other three were triangulated to produce the induced image field Kennedy had just passed through.

Nearly a dozen people, excluding the one that had chastised him, performed various tasks.

“So what’s the sitch?” Kennedy asked as he placed a hand on the sentry’s shoulder. The sentry gave him a confused look and Kennedy brushed imaginary lint from the man’s shoulder then stepped away from him.

“Agent Williams is the lead.”

“Really? How’s my hair? Just kidding.  I know it’s amazing.”

Kennedy strolled up to a woman immaculately dressed in a black uniform trimmed in gold.

She was half a foot shorter than him with skin the color of cinnamon and curves in all the places he found hard not to touch and harder still not to stare at lustfully.

“Hey Shay.”

“Mr. Kennedy.”

“You look, what’s the professional way to say smoking hot?”

“Don’t make me hit you.”

“I calls them how I sees them.”

“Why are you here?”

“Professional curiosity.”

“Professional?  Since when?”

“That is a story for another time. What did you guys find?”


Nice Night For A Spar

“Nice night for a spar.” Kennedy leaned against his car door. “I mean, we could look at the stars if you want, but I know you rather punch me in the face.”

“I see we can agree on something.”

Kennedy followed Lawrence’s voice to the alley between Shay’s building and the next.

“Here I thought I’d have to go looking for you. God does answer prayers.”

“I hope your prayer included not getting locked up tonight.”

“On what charge?”

“Give me a minute, I’ll think of something.”

They both assumed fighting stances.


Make Him Bleed


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