So Much Bacon

Working in the pet aisle, it comes as no surprise that I have encountered various treats and meals for our furred and feathered friends that contain bacon.  For dogs, this also includes toys that smell like and look like bacon.

Oddly enough, my Wal-Mart sells “human grade” jerky as well.  I won’t lie to you; it smells pretty good.  Some of the cat food looks better than what I ate in boot camp.  The flavor combinations for dogs and cats are inspired.

Dogs have bacon cheese burger bites.  Cats have cheesy salmon.  I love cheese and burgers.  I am however, attempting to make a concerted effort to perhaps not indulge in cheese or burgers as much these days.  Something about wanting to be lose weight and play with my kids, I guess.

Is it me, or in the face of “all organic, all the time;” this month’s miracle diet; absolutely no gluten; that people have pushed back by putting bacon in everything?

Ice cream and doughnuts have bacon bits in them.  We wrap it around other meats.  The other day, I had a mystery Dum Dum that was bacon flavored.  It’s approaching insanity.

I honestly do not even care for bacon that much.  Like coffee, I like the smell much more than the taste.  With bacon, I can’t seem to find a happy medium.  Crispy bacon feels like it lacks the bacony taste.  A softer cooked bacon is chewy.  I am sure someone could change my mind and whip up the perfect texture for my pallet, but as it stands, I continue to be more amazed by what people do with bacon than I am at the prospect of actually eating any of these concoctions.

Off the top of my head I will most likely never drink a bacon milkshake or anything liquid for that matter that contains bacon essence.  Bacon grease is one of my least favorite greases by process of elimination.  For those keeping notes, smothered chicken grease is my  favorite.

Just wanted to share my strange experience of eating a lolipop that tasted like bacon.  It was interesting.  So what say you, good reader?  Are we jumping the shark with all this baconizing?  Tell the truth, did any of you just consider wrapping shark meat in bacon?  Until next time, all things in moderation.  Except my blog.  Feel free to binge on it.

2 thoughts on “So Much Bacon”

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m a vegetarian so bacon’s out of the question. Also, I will never understand the obsession with bacon.

    1. vincenblack says:

      The only way I could be a vegetarian is for health reasons. By that, a doctor has to literally tell me “if you want to see your kids graduate high school, stop eating meat.” Even then, I still don’t quite understand the obsession with bacon either. Pork is yummy, but bacon lacks, substance to me. Thanks for commenting.

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