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Another late night, another conversation with my youngest brother.  The topic of choice: instead of giving all these cacausian super heroes racial make overs, why not either a) make up our own or b) use the few minority ones already present and update them for a modern audience.


Power Man, a.k.a. Luke Cage a.k.a. Baddest Man Walking can headline a film.  He is one of the few super heroes that you can do a normal style action movie.  He is street level.  Luke can go toe-to-toe with Ben Grim, but he’s the guy making sure little old church ladies do not get robbed by some punk kid looking for an easy mark.

You can make a low key movie with him dispensing Hero-for-Hire style vigilante justice.  He would not look out of place in a Die Hard type setting where half the stuff looks like it should have killed McClain, but instead of metaphorically being made of iron, Luke’s skin actually is that thick and durable.

I would love to see Michael Jai White play Luke, but then again, I still want him to do another Spawn movie or anything that gets him on the big screen kicking dudes in the face.

Of course, Luke is a hard sell and that probably was the thinking when they decided to go ahead and make a Netflix original starring him and other, lays say C-list Marvel heroes.

But let’s step away from Marvel for a second and speak of the one black character whose lack of screen presence continues to elude me.

Static Shock is about the most no-brainer hero you could build a franchise around that it is, pardon the pun, shocking that there has not been any serious news about development.

He’s a young, good looking, intelligent kid with lightning powers.  He’s Spider-Man with the ability to super charge electrons.  Static is without a doubt the most electrifying man in all of super herodom.

There’s literally no demo that other hero movies target that he cannot appeal to and draw to the theaters.  I will write about this a little more extensively in the following days, but I wanted to give a head’s up while it was on my mind.  Consider this an intro.  Until next time.

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