Posting Schedule Going Forward




Daily Updates

How About That Thing That Happened: At least one  wrestling, entertainment, or other news update.

Parents After Dark: Video Recap of our podcast.

Around The IWC: Random comments about wrestling around the web and my responses to them.


Multiple Updates Per Week

Casting the Stars: Because genre films have lured in some big stars both in front and behind the cameras,  here is where I come up with the roles I think certain actors would fill brilliantly.


Sunday Updates


Starting The Week Right: Tips, treats, and other ways to get through the week.

Half-Baked Ideas and Full Stomachs: The most random cooking videos you’ll come across


Monday Updates

Marking:My Journey With Wrestling: Thoughts, feelings, and commentary on wrestling’s past as I recall it.

Monday Night Raw Wish List: Can I book Raw better?  Maybe.  Do they need to book exclusively for me? No.  Is it fun to list things? Very.

Manly Marvel Mondays: Way too much insight into manly acts throughout the Marvel Comic/Cinematic/Animated universes.

Matinee With The Mitchells: Netflix and Cheap DVD suggestions

Marathons Are What Old People Watched:  – Stories and reviews of binge watching television shows

Mario’s World:  We’re Just Living In It: Video game industry commentary

Making it America: Job Market status and other commentary


Tuesday Updates


Quick Fixes: One guys attempt to fix the perceived problems of the way WWE  presents wrestling  Sports Entertainment.

My Comic Book Store: Random finds at our local comic book shop.

New Tech Tuesdays: Reviews and remarks about today’s innovations.

New Releases: New to DVD and likelihood of purchase

Toon Takeover: Anime, Disney, Nick and whatever else I feel like talking about

Tuesday Top Ten: Random lists



Wednesday Updates


Midweek Mayhem(Fantasy Booking): An outlet for all those zany ideas I have that make the most sense in pro-wrestling situations.

Six Million Dollar Gimmicks: Building a better wrestler and making him or her worth millions of dollars. (millions of dollars)



Thursday Updates


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: This is where I suggest things that can be reduced in today’s wrestling; gimmicks that should be reused; and storylines/angles that need to be recycled into the rotation.

Anime Explosion: My younger brother and I just dish on anime we’ve watched lately.



Friday Updates


SmackDown Your Vote: Humorous recap of Thursday Night SmackDown.

Funny Papers: Looking back on the history of comic strips, books, and other visual printed story telling.

All Fun And Games: Stories, annectdotes, and videoclips of the hilarious side of playing video games.

Kids Corner: Bragging about my kids


Saturday Updates


Wrestling Overload: Catching up with the high and low lights of the week in wrestling.


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