How To Choose A Garden Shed

Small or huge, wooden or plastic, if you have a garden you cannot do without a garden shed.

Before buying one, you must carefully consider which one will be the most appropriate to your needs.

Even if at the moment you buy a shed you do not need a big space, get the biggest shed you can afford. You will be surprised how much space your tools and equipment take. It’s really frustrating to build a shed and discover that it is too small to keep everything inside.

Which is the exact use you intend for your new shed?

Do you need it to store gardening equipment, lawn mower, potting and seeds; or do you plan to put inside also snow equipment, bicycles, garden chairs, table and other furniture?

If this is your case you need a lot of space with appropriate hooks and hangers.

If you buy a shed big enough to install a workbench and create a small working space, consider a reasonable height, ventilation and light, this is important for your comfort.

As per the material, it depends on the intended use of your shed.

A nice wooden shed could become a landscaping element, but it requieres annual maintenance.

Metal sheds come in a variety of color, but they are more technical and not so nice to look.
If they are in view you can mask them with climbing plants and shrubs to make them less visible and you obtain a nice landscaping effect.

If you just need a small shed for potting, seedling and gardening tools a sturdy plastic shed is a good solution.
It’s cheap, you can put it against a wall of your house in the backyard and you can move it easily if you decide so.

Of course you can buy a shed plan and build your shed from scratch. If you are a good handyman, this way you will end up exactly with the shed you want. This takes more time and effort, but you can adjust the plans as you like and you will obtain a “unique design” suited to your needs.