Sweet Potato Tower

Ok I will admit that this was not my idea. I seen it on pinterest for potatoes. But as I do not plan on planting any of those this year and had the sweet potato plants, I decided to test it with those. So first I had to cut some old fence wire that I have down to size. Next I rolled it into a circle and fastened the two edges together. On pinterest it suggested cutting the bottom up a few and folding the strips out so they could be hooked down. Instead I wired another piece of smaller holed wire to the bottom. I can hook the edges down, but if for some reason I need to move it I should be able too without spilling the dirt out. Speaking of dirt. I cleaned the wood chips out of the horse trough where I had the baby ducks. I used that to fill the tower as I planted the potatoes in it. They will hold moisture good but not pack down extremely tight which will allow the sweet potatoes to grow good. So I put a layer of wood chips in, then three potatoes. I stuck the plant part through the wire and laid the root part on the wood chips. Then I put another layer in. Repeat for a total of four layers. On the last layer I did use dirt and potting soil to help hold everything in place. Here is how it looks. DSCF1467 It should get a lot prettier over the next few weeks when the plants start growing good. If this works I will make a bunch more and plant regular potatoes next year also.
I will be working on my strawberry garden tomorrow. I finally thought of a way to do it that I think will look very nice and be easy to care for. Hopefully I can share that tomorrow.

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  1. I have some sweet potatoes sprouting, I reckon I should plant those as well. I hope you make a lot of sweet potatoes 🙂 I am sharing this post.
    You have a manure factory with horses 🙂

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