Angular Chielitis and Its Treatment

Angular Cheilitis and Its Treatment.


Angular Cheilitis or AC occurs when the corners of the mouth or lips become inflamed. There are two major forms of the disease differentiated by their location on the skin: Facial AC and Mucosal AC.

Mucosal AC

Facial AC

Self-Diagnosis : How To Know If You Have Angular Chielitis.

1. It is always a good strategy to confirm whether the legions are on both sides of the mouth or on one side, since this can come in handy when deducing the cause of the infection.

2. Observe the extent of the spread of the lesions on the face. Greater spread of the lesions, for example towards the cheeks show more severity and require immediate attention.

3. Search the effected skin specifically for Golden coloration which signifies a bacterial infection. This information can be paramount in deciding which type of treatment to be used.

4. In the worst cases one may spot pus formation or scaling. In such a scenario going straight to a doctor is highly recommended.

5. In order to prevent misdiagnoses search the skin for scarring, Itching, pain or burning at the corners of the mouth.


Other Factors to be Observed that help in deciding treatment.

1. Loss of lower face height “AND” the use of dentures.

2. Swollen tongue “OR” or known nutritional deficiencies of Iron (or anemia) Vitamin B (and its variants e.g B12 and B7) and Zinc.


The Treatment to the disease is cause specific and therefore it is necessary to first find out the cause to the disease.


The disease is a primarily caused by opportunistic infections of fungi, bacteria and very rarely viruses. However 25% of cases maybe due to allergens. Opportunistic infections are infections that are harmless under normal conditions but become harmful when the immunity or oral hygiene of the individual is low.


Pooling of Saliva causes a major fungal bloom and is especially deterring in the corners of the mouth. Using ill-designed or wornout dentures may lead to saliva pooling in the mouth. Some other habits which lead to saliva pooling include Lip licking, Thumb sucking, chewing gum, Hyper salivation, drooling and mouth breathing. Furthermore some lip balms may degrade over time and act as havens for fungal populations.

The Selection of Treatment.


There are 3 ways in which people can approach treatment.

1. Natural Healing

2. Self-Treatment.

3. Consulting a doctor.

Natural Healing : The mouth’s regenerative capabilities are one of the finest and the fastest the disease can be dealt with naturally is 18 hours although the average is 3 days. Unfortunately the disease can prolong for entire months if the proper precautions are not taken. It is therefore Recommended to move on to self-treatment if the situation is not improving.


Self-Treatment : This is only advised for mild cases where the disease is merely an annoyance than a real threat. For successful treatment it is essential that a correct diagnoses is performed which derives the correct source of the Disease.

Step 1 : Perform Diagnoses.
Step 2 : Check Whether disease is Mild or severe. In case of severity contact a doctor. If The disease is but Mild move on to Step 3.

Step 3 : check for golden coloration which signifies bacterial infection.
Step 4 : Does the affected person use dentures. What about their nutritional status. Do they have low oral hygiene.

Once the following questions are answered it can be determined whether the problem is due to a bacterial infection or a fungal one and whether it is being intensified by malnutrition or low personal hygiene.



Infection due to Dentures : Have the dentures properly fitted and disinfected. The Latter can be done manually by soaking the denture in a concentrated bleach solution (“THE DENTURE NEEDS TO BE OF A PLASTIC NATURE”) followed by rinsing with water. The denture must be cleaned daily and not worn while sleeping.

Infection due to Malnutrition : Iron, Vitamin B and zinc Supplements or their natural alternatives should be taken. These will not cure the disease but will speed up the natural process of recovery. Vitamin B is highly recommended against infectious diseases since it boosts the body’s immune system.

Success Rate 66 %

Available Medicine : Since the disease can be caused by Bacteria and Fungus both, therefore it is advised to use a Combination of Fungal Cream and Antibiotics. Antibiotics are highly recommend in-case golden coloration is spotted however it has greater side effects compared to the fungal cream which has a greater success rate since more infections are of fungal origin.
Other Un-Orthodox Treatments :

1. Baking Soda : has many medicinal properties but in the case of AC only acts as a pain reliever.
Success Rate 38%

2. Chapstick : Only provides temporary relief and may have negative effects.
Success Rate 14%


3. Rubbing alcohol : A very painful procedure which has mixed results since it can clean wounds and kill micro-organisms. 51% success rate.

4. Tea Tree Oil : A very potent and traditional home remedy. Unfortunately it does not have any medical research behind it but a lot of practical data which says that it might just work.

Success rate 58%

5. Bathing in Saltwater (The Ocean or Sea) and Basking in Sunlight are both natural remedies against bacterial and fungal infections since the saltwater can de-hydrate bacterial cells and fungal cells prosper in dark environments.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer

Do you like RPG Games? Do you like retro-style 2.5 D Rogue like games? Do you like super hard games? Do you like dancing games?

If you still haven’t understood where this is going then let me break it down for you. If you like all of the above then Crypt Of The Necrodancer is the ultimate game for you. Its a Rogue-Like Top down perspective Dancing game. 

Imagine this to be a “Dancing” game


How is it a dancing game you ask? Well its quite simple really. The game has no buttons. Want to go left, dance. Want go right, dance. Want to hit an enemy, dance and if that wasn’t enough all the enemies are dancing too. So you might come across a giant made entirely out of rock and he comes to you doing some sort of weird Oomba Boomba (kind of like the guardians of the galaxy style music) dance with one Boom ShakaLaka to the left and One “BoomShakaLaka” to the right then slaps you and starts all over again.

If you are wondering what the monkeys and skeletons are doing….They’re dancing.


The game follows some weird storyline about the monsters being enslaved to the beat of the music and you have to free them. If you ever come across a dragon for example and you are thinking you have to go left, left,then back then up then that’s exactly what you have to do not with the dpad or a stick but with your feet.

Move to the beat or get beaten

The game also supports co-op.

Salsa with your buddy


Beware this game is very very difficult and tiny even on a big screen.


Super_Secret an Amnesia EasterEgg (Kind of)

If you want to make a PC Game then you have to put in some PC Easter eggs and what could be better than hiding them in the game folder (instead of in-game). Try to beat that consoles. This is exactly what game developer Frictional Games has done with Amnesia : The Dark Descent. If One scours through the redist folder of the game they will come across a .rar file named Super_secret and who wouldn’t want to open that. Unfortunately the file is password locked and the password can only be retrieved once the player completes all 3 of the game endings. The folder gives access to a wealth of concept art(200 mb) including videos which was never applied to the game but is as good as any alternative and could very well have been used to create a remake. The contents are as listed below.

  1. Character developments
  2. Environments (Duh.)
  3. Herbert’s Lost Diary (Not in the final game)
  4. Layouts, maps and designs of the Alpha.
  5. Engine…and the portraits of the editor (talk about self-obsessed)
  6. A picture of a portrait of Alexander as well as the same portrait when viewed in low insanity.
  7. Variants of the monsters (Must See :D)
  8. A large detail of usable weapons….bows arrows and a flint lock pistol.

And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about check out this link.

Amnesia The Dark Descent Review

And if you still have no idea then please feel free to check out the other categories :D….I’m sure you’ll find something for your liking.

How To Speak Softly To Your Spouse

How to Speak Softly To Your Spouse


If you are a newlywed individual or someone who has just consolidated his marriage and are reminiscing some of those regretful moments when you spoke in a harsh tone to your spouse or got into a fight then now is probably the time for you to make things better by learning how to effectively communicate and dissuade arguments.

The benefits of speaking softly.


Speaking in a loud voice is displeasing for the listener and displays an aggressive demeanor which is especially unsettling for women and children. Furthermore a loud voice signifies dis-respectful behavior, arrogance and dominance. Keeping a check on your volume can be especially difficult when you are flooded by unpleasant emotions or having a temper tantrum; even for a person with a naturally soft voice. This is especially the case when you are having a dis-agreement with your spouse and not controlling your emotions at this stage would be adding “fuel to the fire”.


Here are 3 easy tips to enable to you to speak softly and always be calm and collected.

1. Prepare beforehand.

Speaking softly requires a great deal of voluntary attention before it can be converted into a habit. However it is not always possible for people to check their auditory tone when they are being flooded with unpleasant emotions or having a temper tantrum. In order to prevent this mishap from occurring, you must first analyze your daily schedule and identify its most hectic time-spans. For me this would be when I am leaving or returning from work. Therefore it is paramount that the individual be mentally prepared in case a argument does occur since people are the least tolerant and comprising of their partners needs and mistakes when they are busy or tired. Meditation in the mornings can really help individuals to prepare for the activities of the entire day and is really recommended in this aspect.

2. Take a Deep Breath


This tip can be very useful if you forgot to perform “Tip 1” or just can’t feel composed yet. Taking deep breaths incur chemical changes in your body that result in brain sedation and calm you down. When you’re angry or irritated try to breathe in heavily and start counting in your mind. Taking in 2 or 3 breaths will completely pacify you and enable you to intelligently counter the situation.

3. Walk Away


This is a last resort sort of action. If you feel that there is no way for you to control your anger and you feel you will severely hurt someone emotionally or physically, only then should you use this technique. Sometimes silence is better than saying something that will hurt your loved one. However silence itself speaks a lot and your spouse might get offended if you do not reply to him/her. Going to another room, for example a bathroom might be a better idea in this scenario. “Honey I have to use the washroom we’ll continue this afterwards.” Can safely diffuse an explosive situation and allow you to comeback and explain things when your anger is died down.

Burning Castles, Homework and The Book of Life.

Today I decided to try out My Age Of Empires II HD Edition which was practically and figuratively rotting away in some corner of my Hard Drive. I Gave the game a try selecting some random mission and after a bit of practice in invulnerability mode managed to remember most of the game play elements. With my prior experience in the AOE Series and being a Strategy game veteran i quickly dominated my opponents burning down their castles and taking delight in slaughtering the enemy peasants as if i was some madmen bent on world conquest (Which I was Since I was Playing as Genghis Khan).

Kill Baby Kill


After I Got bored of mindless massacres from a top-down perspective I decided to do my Physics Homework in order to balance out the time that i had wasted. (It was 4.30 a.m) But it seems my plans were too ambitious and i was unable too lead a healthy balanced lifestyle and ended up withdrawing from studying ( Cause Who the Hell can Understand that stuff LOL).

Science creates un-intelligent creatures like the HULK

Finally I Decided to entertain myself with movies but there were none that i had not watched in my SATA so i had to resort to trailers (Its quite tragic Really) and sometimes good things do happen and here is what I Found.

The Book Of Life Theatrical Trailer

Now if you watch the trailer I am sure you’ll find it interesting because its a concept that’s very innovative and immediately takes the audience’s attention + LOOK AT THAT ART STYLE ITS GORGEOUS (DROOLING)

Why I Really Liked/Disliked It : Because the the movie is a re-do(copy) of a game by the name of Guacamelee. —-> Guacamelee Review

  1. Similarities : Both are in Mehico(Mexico)
  2. Both follow the Hero Becomes a Dead Guy and Adventures through the World Of The Dead.
  3. Even the Female Leads Look similar LOL.
  1. Differences : ART Style…..both are cell shaded but dude those puppets 😀
  2. Guacamelee has Luchadors Book Of Life has Swashbucklers.

NASA Fooled Us On The Moon.

In 1969 NASA won the Space Race by Successfully executing the First Lunar Landing…….or did they?


The First Lunar Landing : Hoax or Reality?


Many researchers and scientists now believe that the First Lunar Landing was actually just NASA making some very highquality, realistic films in a small underground studio and Neil Armstrong was its main protagonist.

Why Would They Do That:

Its simple really dominance is everything and winning the space race is quite dominating.


Evidence against NASA : Here’s a Brief set of points that will show you why The First Landing Was a Hoax

  1. The Moon Has No Stars : Why would a planetary body devoid of Towering Skyscrapers and any atmospheric clouds not have stars. Its Ill-logical (and lonely) but that’s what the NASA Pictures show a devoid moon night sky.

    What A Lonely Night

2.              The Moon has a 1000 Suns : There are many pictures some almost impossible which show shadows on the ground emanating from multiple directions. Practically shadows can only appear when there is a Light Source and an Object blocking the Light. In the Apollo 11 Pictures Shadows were on both sides which implies that there were either 2 suns or artificial lighting. (As in a Studio)

  1. Why are the shadows coming from 2 different directions?


  1. The Astronauts Were SuperHumans : Cause If They weren’t then they should all have been turned into Roasted Chicken as the journey of the Apollo 11 Space Craft took them through the Vaan Allen Belt which contains extremely high amounts of radiation.
  2. The Waving Flag : The Moon Has no wind but no US Flag shall be raised if it won’t wave right….and so NASA Somehow brought wind to the moon as the flag can be seen waving or stuttering in the wind in NASA Footage.
  3. Moon has some awesome Dust Effects cause the dust on the moon was unbelievably preserved as can be seen in the nasa footage. This is because the Lunar modules left no blast craters or dust markings when they landed. Talk about Super Smooth Landing.


Beginners guide to (multiplayer/competitive) FPS/Shooter gaming.

If you feel that you have grown up from from casual gaming and want to take thing to the next level or are just being plain “Owned” then here’s the definitive guide to up your gaming skills and get you on top of the leaderboard.

Step 1 : Get The Right Hardware

Your game needs to run smooth else you wont be able aim or do anything effectively for that matter. Even a small stutter can be fatal against a worthy opponent. So first check whether your harware and network connection is up for the job.

Step 2 : Know Thy Weapons

A professional player always has the perfect build that favors to his strengths and covers his weakness. Experiment with weapons and use the ones that suit you.

Some Pre-determined combinations :

1. Close Quarters ; SMG + Powerful/Magnum Handgun

2. Mid Range(Recommended) : Assault Rifle + Shotgun

3. Long Range : Sniper + Automatic Handgun(or SMG).

Step 3 : Know Thy Maps

This is probably the most important step in all of this guide. You need to not only know the maps but master them. Here’s what you need to look out for.

1. Hiding Spots. – so you can camp(when needed) or escape or take cover.

2. Keep Moving : Its always a good idea to keep moving If your in a deathmatch style mode with unlimited instant respawns.

3. Noise : Noise can give away your position so run only when needed use silencers and relocate when you’ve done engaging the enemy. Also listen for enemy footsteps.

4. Find the Intensity Areas : So you can take as many kills or avoid these areas if you’re feeling the pressure. Finding Flank spots is also a good idea.


I will be teaching this in a seperate guide but here’s the jist of it.

1. Keep your aim on chest height

2. Fire 4-8 shot bursts so that you can keep your recoil in control. Remember Recoil is your worst enemy.

Garden Education

Colors are the Life of A Child

Flowers unite children and gardening teaches them teamwork

Colors are a great way to captivate the attention of the children and what could be more colorful then flowers. Children usually get bored indoors. This is especially the case when the parents don’t have enough time to play with the child. On the other hand kids just start enjoying themselves when they are outdoors and don’t really need any one to engage them in their activities. Nevertheless that does not mean that kids be left outdoors without supervision.

There Are Some General Rules To Follow Outdoors :

  1. Children must clean their hands before and after leaving and entering the house respectively.
  2. It’s recommended that the children wear clothes that cover the entire skin to prevent them from insect bites or allergies.
  3. Night ventures should be avoided.

Outdoor Activities For Children :

1. Children usually get tired while playing outdoors and exhaustion should is a condition that should not be taken lightly. It is therefore advised to bring food items such as sandwiches or other small snacks as well as fluids to ensure the children remain hydrated.

2. The ANIMAL NEST GAME : Children can look for different animal nests and can observe then from a distance. Common nests that can should be searched for include : Antholes, Spiderwebs, Birdnests, Mouseholes, Rabbit burrows and finally lizard nests.

Care Should be taken when children try to feed animals since not only can this be dangerous to children but also Illegal in some areas. Instead it is better to feed the animals yourself at let the children watch from a safe distance.

Parents feeding ducks while the little girl watches from her mother’s arms

The Assasin’s Creed Rogue

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Debut Trailer

What it is :

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise has for a long time enthralled its fans with its enticing story line and constant twists concerned with the game’s setting such as The Arabian cities, Renaissance, American Civil War and Far Reaching yet surprisingly beautiful chain of Caribbean Islands. From freedom fighters to anarchists and pirates. The Assassin’s series has stayed true to its cause of showing the adventures of the members of the creed through the eyes of Desmond Miles or recently subject 18. However with the release of this new trailer it has become evident that Ubisoft wishes to provide its users with a unique experience. In Assassin’s Creed Rogue users will get to enjoy the unique experience of playing as a Assassin turned Templar who now hunts his ex-comrades. Wielding the notorious hidden blades and lightning fast assassin moves this new character might be the biggest threat to the order yet.

What to Look Forward to :

  1. Since we are up against Assassin’s its hard to understand what the game might throw at us. There wont be any cities or guards that you have to fight through or allies to gain over. It should be more of a witcher’s wild hunt style experience.
  2. The enemies will be Assassin’s and should therefore be able to use the entire moveset against you as well such as counters and multiple weapons.
  3. Perhaps we will travel to a city controlled by the Assassin’s such as Rome or Florence.
  4. Finding out who is reliving the memories of Mr.Templar and why should be a treat.

What Might Put You Off :

  1. The game is definitely a spin off and not part of the orignal storyline. This might be the only major drawback for fans of the series.