The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 5

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction by the author ptrk12. Any resemblance to any person or any event, living or dead or historical or any story plot of any movie or novel is purely coincidental. Any language translation to and from Chinese and Japanese to English has been done using Google Translate tool.

Continued from The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 4

The rumblings in Dallas and beyond…

Mr. Patrick Holders was unusually early that late Autumn day of 22 Oct 2015. He used to leave his Apartment buildng by 8 in the morning. The guard was rubbing his eyes when he saw Mr. Patrick at 6 o’ clock. What was even more unusual was that he did not say “Hey Buddy, time for Morning Coffee?” – the standard sentence that he used every morning, except for a Sunday or a Friday here and there, when Mr. Patrick was on Official off.
‘Looks like Mr. Patrick is having a tough time in current economic conditions. What kind of factory does he work in- they have no regard for this 20 year Employee who did not even marry for his work!’
For the building guard Sam Mortons, Mr. Patrick was a Senior Manager at Workins Designs Inc., an Industrial Design and Consulting company.

Yet, that was the outer facade of Mr. Patrick. In reality, he was the Liason Chief with NSA and CIA for Combined Intelligensia Group.
He was used to sudden developments and calls from across the globe in the mid of night at 2 or 3 A.M.
Yet what had come before him was unprecedented.

At 7:30 A.M on 22 Oct 2015, Heath Sorgensen came up to Patrick and said- call from Mr. Zhong from Jinan City.
‘Heath, please ask him to call after 5 hours, we have a much bigger crisis at hand.’

After 10 Mins., Patrick asked his assistant Heath to call Amit Kaul- the head of Bharat Intelligence Operations (BIA) which was the external Intelligence wing of India.
‘Mr. Amit its Patrick from CI group. I need to talk about Lt. Col. Alexei ….’

The Tough decision at hand

Jim Hartmann was pacing in the gallery outside Patrick Holders’ cabin.
‘Good knows what is Patrick talking about since last one hour’ he thought aloud.
Patrick used to have 10/15 minutes talk 10 to 12 times a day, and sometimes even up to 11 in the night.
Yet that day it was unusually longer.

Finally, at 9:25 A.M, Patrick came out.
‘We have a really tough decision to make Jim.’ Patrick said out aloud to Jim.
‘About what?’
‘Let us have a strong black coffee and my favorite Ginger nut cookies and will tell you in detail.’

The black coffee sip had a refreshing effect on Patrick and Jim.

############What will Patrick share with Jim, let us find out in the next chapter####################

Movie Time Talks: Akshay-Katrina starrer Namastey London(2007)

The Movie Namastey London(2007: Bollywood)
At times, there are movies that get old, but there is something in them that makes us love them.
One such movie which I watched again recently is Vipul Shah’s movie Namastey London. It stars superstars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif and also has Rishi Kapoor and Upen Patel in important roles.

The story is about an Indian family that lives in London, the capital city and commercial hub of UK. This family has Rishi Kapoor living with his wife and daughter Jasmine(Katrina Kaif), who is called Jazz by her friends. Rishi Kapoor wants to raise her daughter on Indian values and also wants an Indian son-in-law. However, Jazz has her personal preferences. She has a free mind and has many boyfriends. She is in love with an Englishman Charlie Brown and wants to marry him.
Even Jazz’s friend played by Upen Patel who plays a Pakistan native living in UK inspires her for a life of fun and frolic, oblivious of their family background.

Rishi Kapoor then takes Jazz and his wife to India. There they are not able to find a suitable son-in-law, unless a young and seemingly flirting boy played by Akshay Kumar comes into the picture. Jazz and Akshay get married and get back to UK.
However, Jazz tells Akshay that she is in love with an Englishman and wants to marry him.
The story then revolves around how Jazz develops bonding with Akshay and in the end leaves Charlie to marry Akshay.
Also, Upen Patel patches up with his father and mother and also his girlfriend marries him and adopts his family values.

Remarkable things about the movie

The movie is well made, with occasional scenes where one might feel bored. The chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Katrina is great. Rishi Kapoor plays his role well. Upen Patel is also ok.
For I, the scene where Akshay Kumar, on seeing some Englishmen making fun of India as a land of snake charmers and experts in making Butter chicken, goes on to tell them about the cultural values of India, how many people speak and converse and read in English- a population dwarfing UK, the large pool of Engineers and Scientists in India, that Sanskrit is a mother language of English words like Mother, Geometry, Trignometry etc.

It was a remarkable scene. Some songs like “Rafta Rafta” composed by Himmesh Reshammiya became big hits.
Overall, a wholesome entertainer, and one of Akshay Kumar’s best.

The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 4

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction by the author ptrk12. Any resemblance to any person or any event, living or dead or historical or any story plot of any movie or novel is purely coincidental. Any language translation to and from Chinese and Japanese to English has been done using Google Translate tool.

Continued from The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 3

Is it the text that Dykoso group wants?

Wong Kia looked at his watch. It was still 20 minutes to go before he would get a call back from Soki.
It was 20th October 2015 and still very hot for this time of the year.
‘Menko must now accept that global warming is hitting Jinan city also. I need to get my Air conditioner serviced soon.’
he thought.
Jinan city used to had a pleasant weather by this time of the year, but now people needed air conditioning and thought of warm clothes made them feel uneasy.

At 2:32 in the afternoon, just 2 minutes after the decided time, Soki called.
Soki was the key area agent for the Dykoso Group- one of the most fearsome underworld group in China, active in Shandong and surrounding areas. Soki had the reputation for being brutal, but if Wong had what Soki and Dykoso wanted, then he could look forward to a lot of riches, which his anonymous life as a lowly paid employee with a dull and dreary job could never offer.

‘And when I will have those 60,000 Yuans(approx 10,000 USD), I can give Menko a big treat in Le Shianqui’.
Menko was one of the best friends of Wong, and Wong usd to tell him
(‘One day I shall be super rich, and I promise you that I will give you a big treat in one of your favorite five star hotel.’

Soki’s voice was very thick ‘船滿Noinju魚 (Vessel full of Noinju fishes)?’
The reply: ‘十字包子吃(Cross buns to eat with)’

Soki ‘How can I be sure that this text is what our master wants?’

‘I am an expert in historical writings, and a big knowledge of second world war. I cannot be off-target’

‘Well, I will send Makoyo Woney my second assistant to you by 5 in the evening, and he will verify, and transfer you the money there itself. And no clever things- if you try to be oversmart, you very well know what we can do.’

Wong’s meeting with Makoyo
At exactly 5 in the evening, Makoyo came to meet Wong. Wong had expected a ruffian, with foul langauge. Yet he saw that Makoyo, apart from speaking a fluent city accent, also spoke good English. And he even used certain French phrases.
Wong :’Dykoso also hires Professional educated people now.’
‘Ha ha our profession has also modernized.’

Makoyo read and read thoroughly all that was of interest in the diary that Wong gave.
‘Wong, I have confirmed this is the text that we want. I am initiating your transfer for 60,000 Yuans- in two parts- 30 will see an immediate deposit and rest 30 you will see by tomorrow afternoon.’
Wong handed over the diary, confirmed immediate deposit of 30,000 Yuans in his account.
He signaled thumbs up to Makoyo, turned and started walking towards the Central Square.
Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. He rubbed his neck, and found a small dart sticking to back of his neck.
Suddenly, the pain rose sharply, and he fell to the ground.

The Jinan Annual cultural band kept on playing their tunes, some of them based on latest Hollywood movies’ background scores, oblivious of blood trickling through side of a park nearby.

Shocking news for the Xamiean Inc. President
Zhong Dimint had become well versed with playing his double identity. To the world at large, he was the president of a run-of-the-mill Export Advisory company Xamiean Inc., with profits just enough to meet his families’ needs, and the employees working there.
However, in reality, and behind the facade, he was the Chinese Operation Head of Combined Intelligensia Group, which was a collaborative effort of many countries to tackle cross-border terrorism, counterfeit drugs, arms exchange and even supply of fake currency.
He was going through his daily quick glance on the newspaper, when his eyes suddenly gazed on a news:
‘Today near the Children’s Park, Central Jinan crossing, a man was found dead. His name from his purse has been found to be Wong Kia. So far, no one has come forward to claim his body, which has been kept at the Flashkom Government hospital mortuary.’

‘Stupid fellas, can’t keep track of these rascals’.
It was no time to wait but to ring up someone far away in Texas…

###############Who killed Wong- Find out in the next chapter###############

The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 3

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction by the author ptrk12. Any resemblance to any person or any event, living or dead or historical or any story plot of any movie or novel is purely coincidental. Any language translation to and from Chinese and Japanese to English has been done using Google Translate tool.

Continued from The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 2

Konowan fights back

3rd Nov 1944 4:30 A.M Local Shandong Time:

Konowan: ‘Montose what are the battlefront reports?’
‘Not good. Western and Southern Jinan city Railway stations taken by III Overseas Army Group.
Hian Ho bridge dam damaged. 3 canals lost. Rest 2 and the 3 state highways have our men still holding on, but more Japanese troops and air support reports are coming in.
Almost 200 dead and 1000s injured.’

‘Grim indeed- how far is the nearest highway?’
’15 Kms’
‘Then, let me and you get into the gear. Let Lepan Mingso manage the affairs here.’

Since last one year, Konowan never had to get into action. Now, that he was getting into his gear and planning to get into a tank to face the enemies in a direct frontal assault meant that the situation was very grim indeed.

Captain Montose took charge of the anti-aircraft units.

Lt. Col. Konowan and Captain Montose did inflict a lot of damage to the advancing Japanese units which were supported by a secret German paratrooper unit.
They damaged almost 20 tanks and damaged or destroyed almost 40 planes.
However, the success was shortlived and the Japanese army kept on advancing.

Montose even got wounded a bit, and both came back to the base.

Konowan becomes aware of Lepan Mingso’s plans- what happens?

‘Montose, call Captain Lepan Mingso.’ , Konowan who has been shaken by the results so far speaks.

Lepan Mingso comes in ‘Yes Commander?’
‘Mingso, activate the Retreat Plan Z200. Report to South Beijing command and Indonesia Allies commands with full details. Ask for 15000 men and 200 aircrafts.’

Mingso does not moves.
‘Mingso, are you listening.?’
Still no response.
‘Mingso, obey my orders. Quickly.’

Mingso ‘The tide has turned Konowan. Accept the Japanese as our new masters or let me martyred.’

Konowan is shocked ‘Mingso, how can you?’

Mingso: ‘Yes the Japanese are my new masters, and if you want to achieve success and glory, follow me. 20 years of service and working in dangerous conditions, flirting with death, and what do I have? Just a few medals and just a few words.
Follow me and our new masters will bestow both of us with money, luxuries we have never experienced before. We can tour world. We will be like Kings.’

Konowan ‘What a disgrace? Don’t you remember that you are the son of Colonel Jenning Mingso who was a martyr in the Battle of Kongtse Coast. And your grandfather Hingtose who served the Southern Army. What did they got? Were they Kings? Did they had Millions or Billions?
The glory and the proud that they had while serving the country and their masters- can any luxuries, or gold or silver or any amount of wealth bring that proud and glory?
No Lepan, you can never have that.
I still ask you not to give in to these temptations of money and luxury and fight for your country.’

‘No I have heard of such sermons time and again. I have waited for this moment for years and I won’t let it go now.’

‘Lepan, obey my orders or get ready for the consequences.’
‘Konowan, ask your forces to surrender, or nobody will survive.’

Konowan draws out his pistol and points towards Lepan ‘Get ready to die.’

Suddenly, Wasiki Tan fires at Konowan and Konowan is badly injured.
‘Get ready for a bloody farewell Commander.’ Lepan aims at Konowan and he drops to the ground.

Wasiki ‘Captain, the place is going to blow soon as the planes are coming. Our aircraft is coming from Kasuki to pick us. Its time for us to leave.’
And they leave Konowan lying on the floor.

Will Montose be able to keep the diary safe?

When Montose entered the barracks, it was already 7 in the evening. he saw bodies lying everywhere and smoke from most of the rooms.
He enters the room where Konowan was left by Lepan and Wasiki. He is shocked to see Konowan bleeding.
‘Commander, what happened? Let me take you to the paramedics.’
‘No Monstose. Its very late. The Japanese will be soon resuming their bombardment. Montose, Lepan my favorite proved to be a traitor, and so is Wasiki.’
‘Lepan a traitor? How come?’
‘Montose, I am going to die. Not much time to explain. Take this diary and keep it in my private section at the Jinan Cross Library, 4 Kms from here. Have this key as well. I have managed to write about Lepan’s treachery. Go hide this diary and inform the Supreme Kozmo Chan. Your life is precious to us. And take my pistol also with you. You might need this.’
‘I can’t leave you commander.’
‘No Montose go go. Its my order.’

Montose leaves immediately for the library. He has walked around 2 Kms when he sees 6/7 Japanese planes targeting the barracks. Loud explosions and huge fire and smoke follows.
‘Commander Konowan, its a pity that I could not save you. Lepan you will never be able to live peacefully.’

Montose manages to enter the library which had also been hit by shells fired by Japanese Army, so it is empty. He goes to the private section of Konowan and hides the diary there. He also hides the key in another part of the library.
As he comes out of the library, and is just 1 kms, moving towards the nearest village, planning to move towards the city of Jinan, and inform the Supreme Kozmo, who is based in Beijing, three men surround him.
‘Where is the diary?’
‘I do not have the diary.’
One of them aims a gun at Montose, but Montose dives and kills him with his pistol.
Monstose injures the second one too, but the third one fires three shots with his gun at Montose.
Its all over for Montose.

In a few minutes, 2 planes aim for the Jinan Cross Library and surrounding areas. The Library explodes and its all fire and smoke.

The diary with the secret of the traitorous clan member Lepan Mingso lies in a corner of the building. It waits and waits ……..

###### Will the secret of the traitor Lepan Mingso be out? Keep glued on. ######

The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 2

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction by the author ptrk12. Any resemblance to any person or any event, living or dead or historical or any story plot of any movie or novel is purely coincidental. Any language translation to and from Chinese and Japanese to English has been done using Google Translate tool.

Continued from The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 1

ANS- King Hugo I under massive attack

2nd Nov 1944 6 A.M Local Western Australia Time:

Onboard ANS King Hugo I

Captain Williams making an all ship announcement:
All crew members and commanders, we are ready to surface within 5 minutes. Ready for drills. Deck hands prepare for Knock 1. Gunners follow the Hotz 5 protocol.

6:08 A.M :

Crewman Steven Derricks was freshly inducted into Australian Navy 2 months ago. The last one month on the ship was a very tough experience for him. Yet from what he had heard, the course of the war was to change soon, and he will probably be able to meet his fiancee Nora in Adelaide.

‘What is that sound?’, Steven Derricks wondered. The noise grew louder.

Suddenly, the southern board reverberated with the sound of a loud explosion. Guns started firing on the two Japanese fighter crafts.

6:20 A.M: SO far four explosions had taken place, and the submarine was beginning to sink:
Admiral McMillan to Captain Patrick: ‘Get ready for evacuation emergency plan. Transmit abort operation code to Lt. Col. Konowan.’
The message was readily transmitted. Just as Admiral McMillan was about to finish wearing the swimsuit, there were two more explosions and it was smoke and fire all around.
Everything was sinking and so it was all over for the glorious Admiral McMillan.


Thousands of miles away, Konowan was almost in tears ‘Oh my dear friend McMillan.
我會很想你的。(I will miss you a lot.)’
Suddenly, a lot of noise started coming in.
‘那是什麼? (what is that?)’
Montose comes running in ‘Col. the Japanese and Germans have launched a massive attack.’
(Artillery Full steam)

1,2,3,… 8 German and Japanese planes – Brigadier Chien Ko Hang and his men were counting and confident of repelling more.

‘See this’, one of his men came to Brigadier with his binoculars.
(Oh no horrible!)
Almost 30 tanks were approaching their area.

#### Will Lt. Col. Konowan be able to face the air attack and the tanks- Do read On ####

The Secret of the traitorous clan member – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction by the author ptrk12. Any resemblance to any person or any event, living or dead or historical or any story plot of any movie or novel is purely coincidental. Any language translation to and from Chinese and Japanese to English has been done using Google Translate tool.

The Message from South Shandong valley battle zone

1 Nov. 1944 17:00 Hrs Local Time: China-Pacific corridor war tracking room : Perth, Australia

‘Admiral McMillan, here is a message for you from South Shandong Valley.’, Seaman David said as he entered Admiral’s cabin.
‘Sure, I will take a look.’
Admiral Kevin McMillan, age 52 had been a veteran of missions in Asian corridor as well as Pacific, during and before World War II. He was in charge of the critical joint American-British submarine named as ANS- King Hugo I. This was one of the most vital ship of the American, British and partners like Canada, NewZealand and Australia in the South China sea, and the pacific battling Japan and supporting Air Force, Naval and Army support of Germany and Italy.
This submarine had played a vital role in moving strong Japanese Naval fleets back from the coastal areas surrounding Indonesia in July 1944.
The Japanese knew that tackling Admiral McMillan and his submarine was a very tough proposition.

The final decoded message:
“Greetings from Lt. Col. Dietsu Konowan. Late Night on 31 October 1944, The VI Overseas Army Group of the Japanese Imperial Army supported by Japanese Air Force and German support Air group launched an attack against us with an estimated 40 tanks, 20 artillery guns and some 25 planes.
We incurred initial damage at front line and 150 of my men retreated with some losses.
Yet, by today afternoon, we fought back. Our artillery guns, anti-aircraft weapons and our brave soldiers stuck to the surround and charge plan. The Japanese army have retreated some 40 Kms from their base position. We have captured Western and Southern Jinan city Railway stations, bridges, a minor dam, 5 canals and three state highways.
I am eagerly awaiting for the weapons and the paratroopers support from you, which will turn the tide of battle in our favor all the more, and rattle the Japanese plans.”

Admiral McMillan smiled ‘Captain Patrick, our friend Konowan is a man of steel and honour. Make sure our weapons and the Canadian paratroopers are in the best of shape tomorrow evening. Message back to Konowan with all the details.’


Lt. Col. Konowan’s plan in danger?
:: The South Shandong East China battle zone ::

Lt. Col. Dietsu Konowan was commanding the Liberators XII Armoured Regiment in South Shandong. He was a tough fighter and veteran of many battles. He was ably supported by his deputy Senior Captain Montose Wang and Captain Lepan Mingso. Captain Lepan Mingso was one of Konowan’s favorites.
He was son of Colonel Jenning Mingso who died defending his country in the Battle of Kongtse Coast.
His grandfather too was a brilliant commander of the Southern army under King Han XVII.
Overall, it was a warrior lineage, whose predecessors once ruled in Southern portions of China almost 600 years back. Fierce, loyal and never to give up. They always gave preference to country or their kingdom over their self and family. Death was not a fearsome thing for them, but something to be embraced and perhaps something that ought to fear their bravery and dedication.

It was a cold and foggy day and while sipping his hot chicken soup in his barracks and temporary command centre, Konowan speaks :
‘Montose, tomorrow 2nd Nov 1944 would be a day that will always be remembered in history as a day when the tide of WWII in this part of China was changed forever, and Japanese would shudder even at the thought of attacking us in the future.
My friend Admiral McMillan has made sure that we receive our set of 70 artillery guns, 30 anti-aircraft Zylokos systems and support of the Canadian paratroopers. Make sure our boys have a great meal tonite and we will have a greater feast in the coming days.’

Meanwhile, in a nearby room, Wasiki Tan whispers to Lepan Mingso ‘Encoded message ready to be transmitted to Kabuki Central.’
‘Sure, Commander Nabuto Horosho will be more than happy’,
Lepan Mingso was not able to hide his smile.

#### What will happen to Lt. Col. Konowan’s plans- will they fail or succeed? The story continues ####

Kids story time: Eskonso and Stephen encounter an Alien Monster – III

Continued from : Kids story time: Eskonso and Stephen encounter an Alien Monster – II

Roger, Michael and Stephen are ready with a plan. The plan is dangerous, can even boomerang on them. Yet to save their best friend Eskonso stag, they have no other option. They have to work on this plan.
And time is running out- who knows the alien monster might be joined by similar bodied creatures?

Stephen approaches the monster and directs the sun refecting lens towards the monster. The monster suddenly increases his speed and runs towards Stephen. Then, Roger does the same.
Michael follows.
This continues for some time. Then, suddenly some more of their friends- Edward Fox, David Bear, Valerie Rabbit and Klose Stag apear with big sized sunshades. Michael, Stephen and Roger also take out big sunshades they had kept in a big trolley Stephen had borrowed from Edward Fox.
They surround the monster from all sides, and block the sunlight.
As guessed by Stephen, Michael and Roger, the monster was a robotic machine, which drew the power of Sun, and had converters fitted which converted Solar energy to mechanical energy.

The monster started to make sounds, and his battery panel begin to show “low charging” message. With sunlight blocked, he was getting low on energy.
It said “What you all want?”
All of them said “Free the Stag you have captured.”
It said “Take this key and open the cage.”

Roger takes the key from the monster and opens the cage. Eskonso stag is free at last!

Stephen and Michael say ‘Go back from where you have come.’
Monster says ‘Energy low- give me sunshine. Ship wanted. Say Krago Krago five times, and my people will come to take me.’
All of them say ‘Krago Krago’.
Within 5 minutes, a brilliant blue light flashes above all of them in the sky.
A flying object which we know as UFO- Unidentified Flying Objects apeared above them and landed near them.

Three monster like creatures appeared. All of them had bodies similar to the green eyed monster, but one of them was green eyed, and the other two had blue eyes, and one of them even had a hat like thing on its head.

They approached Stephen, who asked them ‘Who are you all?’
The creature with hat shaped thing on head responded ‘Planet Tox-900 creatures. Our Tox-900-W3 who you are surrounding as of now went missing yesterday. He had earlier also created some trouble on Planet Xanbo-7, and had been warned by our governing council not to create further troubles. Yet he landed here on earth.’

David Bear asked ‘So how did you reach here.’
‘The Krago Krago is our distant planet recognition code. Five times is for distress help. But if someone signals it for 20 times, it means- get ready for attack. Anyways, thanks for helping us, and we are sorry for any trouble that Tox-900-W3 caused you. Argoto Argoto.’
Translating :’Good Bye.’

Within a few minutes, all of these creatures took the green eyed monster with them, and their spaceship took off with flashing blue light.

So, the trouble was over, and so was their encounter with the alien monster.

Concluding Part

Kids story time: Eskonso and Stephen encounter an Alien Monster – II

Continued from : Kids story time: Eskonso and Stephen encounter an Alien Monster – I

Stephen feels very helpless. When the day had started, and Eskonso had called him to join in the walk with him, it was a nice, sunny day and he had not envisioned such a trouble for them. The monster looked formidable, and moreover, it was not an animal or a human being, whom they can fight with. It was a robotic one, and the way he had run behind them and caught hold of Eskonso Stag, he had to think of something big to get Eskonso free.

Yes, Michael and Roger can help‘, exclaimed Stephen.

Michael Monkey and Roger Elephant were one of Stephen and Eskonso’s best friends. Roger was strong and sharp witted. Michael was very naughty as monkeys are, but he was also quite intelligent. They had helped them during some of their problems, especially at school. So Stephen dashed off to where Michael and Roger lived.

‘Oh, it is a very tricky situation.’, said Roger.
‘Yes and how do we fight this monster. We do not have many gadgets.’ Michael added.

After thinking and deliberating for almost half an hour, Roger, Michael and Stephen came up with a plan.

‘But do remember, we do not have scope for making any big mistake, else one or more of us will also become a prey of this green eyed monster.’ Roger chipped in.

Within a few minutes, they reached the spot where the monster had put Eskonso in a cage.
The green eyed monster was still near that spot.

“Aeyyoo…..” the Roger made a loud sound, near the monster.
“who is this”, monster shouted. It saw the elephant and started chasing Roger.
Suddenly, Michael jumped from a tree and threw a stone on the monster and shouted “Khu Khu Khu Khu”
The monster was now after Michael.
Next was the turn of Stephen. He also threw a stone on monster and shouted “Zo Zo Zo…..”
This all continued for some time.
Then to avoid the monster, they all hid in tall grass nearby.
‘We cannot keep on continuing this for long’, said a tired Michael.
‘Yes, we need to figure out something’, Roger added.

‘Did you see something?’, Stephen told both of them, ‘When the monster goes away from the sunlight, his energy is not as much as when he moves towards the sunlight.’
‘Perhaps, his source of energy is sunlight’, Roger added.
‘Let us do something quickly’, Michael said, and off they all went ahead with their plans.

Read On: The Final Plan to save Eskonso

Kids story time: Eskonso and Stephen encounter an Alien Monster – I

It was a Saturday Morning. Eskonso Stag and his friend Stephen Giraffe had an off day from school.
Patricia Stag, mother of Eskonso Stag calls Eskonso to the kitchen at around 10 A.M :
“Esknonso- please bring Cabbage and Potatoes from the market. Also bring four Sabexo Plastic Pipes, since we have to do some repairs in the kitchen today. The money is in Blue purse.”

Eskonso starts off to the market. When coming back, he is met by his friend Stephen Giraffe. They both start walking through the forest. While walking, near a very dense bush growth and dense tree cover area, they hear a sound. The sounds grows stronger and louder.

As they both approach the bushes, both take a look beyond the thick and tall grass and bush cover.
Oh, what is it!

A 6 feet tall Monster with dark brown colored body and with One Green colored eye. Clearly, he was like an Alien from some other planet!

Stephen: “Eskonso, we must hurry. we have to tell others to be alert. This seems to be an alien, it is neither an animal nor a human, but an alien and can be dangerous.”

Eskonso: “Yes Stephen we need to hurry.”

Both start running, but while running, Eskonso mistakenly drops two of his pipes to the ground.

The Monster hears this, and his computerized display shows two living beings. He says :”Oh my prey”.
He starts running after both Eskonso and Stephen.
Eskonso and Stephen increase their speed. Stephen makes a lot of gap between him and the alien.

However, Eskonso falls in between, as he stumbles across a big stone. The monster gets hold of him, saying aloud “Khugo Khugo, My Prey!”

And then he creates a steel cage with his powers and puts Eskonso in that cage.
Eskonso is imprisoned and in trouble.

From a distance, Stephen looks from behind a tree. He has very little time to act…

Part II : Stephen teams up with his friends to save Eskonso

How to approach Fictional writing for Novice or Beginner level writers – II

Continued from : Fictional Writing Approach for Novice or Beginner level writers
Writing on War based theme

I have seen accounts of wars and battles as written by ex Army, Navy or Air Force servicemen. Reading those one gets to know a lot about war strategies, what went wrong, moves that boomeranged, moves that changed the course of an entire battle or war etc. I even once started creating a big story based on a fictional war, but somehow due to lack of time, I could not follow up on it. I did however write a story series that was briefly based on an Aerial encounter between fighter aircrafts in a futuristic armed and cyber war.

Foremost, if you plan to work on this Genre(listed as D in my Part I), you need to plan a lot of time for it. May be 7/8 hours per weekend, and a few on weekdays. And this is the bare minimum figure. If you go all out for a Novel, then you may find it as your second job.
One needs to pay attention to some more points:

1)Disclaimer: If you want to write a totally fictional story, but heavily borrow the idea from a battle or a war, and you think that someone might object to certain portions of what you write, add a disclaimer in the beginning saying something like:
“All characters and events in this story are fictional and work of imagination… resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental”.
Then, you can also change certain events and even outcomes.
2)Try to find out certain standard Army, Navy and Air Force procedures. For example If you tell in your story that a novice non-officer army men goes on his own and fights and kills many members of a heavily armed platoon without any permission, this will make your story unconvincing. On the other hand, if you write about the bravery of 10 men facing a bigger number of men, with instructions from another control room, it will look more authentic.
3)Try to read as much as possible about the battles and wars you want to write on. Even ex servicemen and current Armed forces setup can be asked about certain details, which are already in public domain, and not of too much confidential nature.


Writing on Light, comic theme and Drama/Romantic themes etc

These are some of the themes I am not comfortable with, but I suppose to become a better writer, I must give these a try. I feel story planning is a key for these genres. For example, you can turn an everyday scenario of 4 bachelors going on a trekking trip and turn it into a light comic story. One can write fine points like one guy missing something, one of them losing his way, or other such little trivia’s that can be turned into something that can make one laugh.
Yet I feel in some ways writing something that makes people laugh is much much tougher than working on something that makes them cry.

Story planning is again vital in romantic or family drama fiction. One can prepare character points like :

Character A:
=>Does not gets along with other people.

Character B:
=>Generous and hard working
and so on.

One can look at day to day happenings within one’s family and even TV programmes and come up with story ideas.
The crucial distinguishing factor will be how you develop your own characters and spring surprise at vital intervals.
Overall, developing a story plan, preparing character points and adding some of your own, distinguished style are the key to writing a good fiction for novice or beginner level writers.


Image : Drawn by self using MS-Paint