Dealspotr – Your One-Stop Savings Shop


I don’t know about you guys, but when a site comes along where you can save money and earn money for yourself and others all at the same time… you can count me in! Dealspotr is an online community of people who post deals and earn gift cards from doing it, without having to spend hours a day doing it to make money. Now I bet you’re wondering, what kind of deals do you post? You know those emails you get talking about 50% off for a limited time, a $5 flash sale going on, or giving you $20 off $75? Those kinda deals!

The site has lots of awesome features and ways to earn points. For every 10k points you earn, you get a $10 Amazon gift card which you can redeem right away or let accumulate. Now, personally, I earned $50 from them in April alone. You can earn points in several different ways, including posting deals, doing the daily checklist, liking deals that become popular, your own deals being liked and becoming popular, commenting on deals, and referring people. And, for those of you who have a blog, you can apply to have a “pro blogger” account and earn even more points per deal posted, as well as have access to features such as paid writing gigs, special promotions and giveaways, and the option to choose cash instead of an Amazon gift card.

It’s a lot like RetailMeNot, except you get paid for posting deals, posting said deals are less tedious, and the community is a lot smaller, closer, and more tight-knit. It’s even a great place for networking and sharing your blog with others. Furthermore, unlike the “brand name” deal posting sites on the internet that are open to spammers and trolls, Dealspotr has a much higher rate of successful coupon codes and deals that are not expired, fake, or promotional affiliate links. One problem I’ve personally found with other coupon sites is that you have to spend too much time on them posting deals or even looking for deals, whereas on Dealspotr you don’t have to do that. It’s an easy-to-use website that keeps the complicated stuff at bay.

Now if all of that isn’t good enough, it might make you happy to know that Dealspotr donates a portion of their profits to organizations such as The Wikimedia Foundation, Creative Commons, The Internet Society, Friends of Trees, NVDA, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and The jQuery Foundation. And, on top of that, they have scholarship giveaways for college students! So not only are you helping yourself and others save and make money from being on the site, you’re also helping charities and college students in need.

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Membership

  1. Refer, refer, refer! While you don’t have to obtain referrals to earn points & gift cards on the site, they truly help you in the long run. Even if you only have one active referral, you can earn 5k+ points from them per day!
  2. Do not post duplicates. If you’re posting a deal and it says the same deal has already been posted on the site, do not post it again. Duplicate deals will be removed and therefore the points you earned from posting it.
  3. Post deals at optimized times during the day. Most sites usually send out their deal notifications during the day, especially first thing in the morning. Therefore, the best time to post deals is during the morning and afternoon because more deals will be available for posting and more people will be online to see and like your deals during that time.
  4. The more friends, the merrier. Making friends on the site and networking with others has its perks, such as blog exposure and trading deal likes with each other so that your deals get more exposure and become popular within the community!