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Challenges In Raising Two Small Kids Together

By shagunK January 18, 2016 How to

Having kids is a boon. Without kids life is barren place. I can’t imagine my life without my kids. It feels awesome when first time you hold your new born in your arms. You filled with joy when he/she first time calls you mom/dad. Having kids where gives you ultimate happiness, it demands a lot of effort and hard work too to raise your kids properly.


I am mom of two kids, my daughter is 4 years old and son is just 8 months old. Before birth of my son my daughter was utterly sensible, well behaved and studious. But after my son’s birth she gradually turned into a most talkative, clumsy and mischievous girl. I know sometimes she feels that I am not giving her attention like before but believe me I try my level best to give both equal love and care.

I often talk her patiently and try to make her understand that baby is too young and I’ve to take care of him a bit more until he grown up like you. Giving him a bit more time and attention doesn’t mean I love him more than you. At that time she pretends like she understood what I said but after some time she starts behaving like as before.

My daughter’s behavior making me cranky. I am sacrificing many things in life to raise my kids properly. To make them a good human being I do all kind of effort. Do not know how I will handle her tantrums further. After birth of my son I was thinking that now both will play together and I will have more time for other chores. But she proved me wrong, now I hardly found time for myself to relax. It is a challenging job to raise two small kids together. I really need some good parenting tips from experienced friends on “How to raise kids in a stress free manner?”

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