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Do You Trust A Strangers?

By shagunK January 18, 2016 Philosophy

Trust…This five letter word looks very simple but it has a great depth in it. It is easy to expect someone else to trust you but hard to trust others without prior experience.

Few days back an incident happened with me. I want to share that with you all. On my facebook profile there are many friends of mine are those whom I never met in person. They are my online friends and I met them on different earning sites.


Since last two years I meet them almost every day online either one or on another site.  Gradually they became part of my life and I like to meet or talk to them online. I talk about them with my offline friends.

Since earning sites comes and goes, I started adding my online friends on my facebook account, so that I could keep in touch with them. Initially I started doing this just to remain in touch with my online friends but it also helped me find some new earning ways.

One of my online friends introduced me to a new online earning stream. That could be not new to some of you. It appealed me so I joined that business.

But to start working there I have to add some funds through accepted payment processors. Most popular payment processor I observed among users of that site is Perfect Money. But the problem is I do not know to add funds on PM(Perfect Money) account.

When I asked my online friend about it he said I have to purchase PM money from someone else of my country and in exchange transfer Indian rupees to his bank account. But when I said him to give PM of value $50 in my PM account he said first you transfer equivalent money in my bank account then I’ll transfer. In fact he said he will give $2 extra, that sound suspicious so I asked the reason he said to do such kind of act give him happiness. I am new to this kind of online business and do not want to get scammed so dropped idea of exchanging PM money from that friend.

Moral of the story “He easily asked me to trust him but when I expected same from him he started making excuses”. 

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