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Hidden/Invisible Illness

By shagunK October 17, 2015 Health

Somewhere I read about hidden/invisible illness. There were few written lines about hidden illness but dipped into deep emotions. Are you thinking what is this hidden illness? I got to know that there are two type of conditions that you can count in hidden illness, patients of condition type one need help of people around him more but patients of condition type two need help from himself more than people around him. It is unfortunate that both kind of patients are in the society but most of the people neither do not recognize them nor help them according to their needs.


In type one illness person faces struggles of his daily life, it could be from his job, marriage or society. Without putting your feet in his shoes you couldn’t image how hard it is to explain about it to those who have no idea of this kind of illness. Person who face this type of illness feel pain, feel unwell, sometimes feel awful within whilst trying to look completely  fine in front of others. I am talking about person who got married with ill mannered person or person with partially mentally sick. It is not at all easy when you are suffering in such type of situation and still put brave face for people you care or people around you. Next time when you meet a person suffering in this kind of situation do not judge him/her instantly. You do not know from what he/she is going through in his/her life.

Second type of illness where person having any kind of mental or behavioral disorder about which either he himself unaware or hide it from others. Person suffering from such kind of illness neither safe for himself nor for persons around himself. These kind of patients can harm others mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes it is seen that they try to harm their own kids or teen aged children. People around them or in his life suffer more than patient but they feel helpless. These kind of patients take advantage of people ignorant behavior towards himself. But the fact is such type of sick person need psychological treatment or counselling. This situation can change but people in society need to change their attitude towards persons in life of these kind of patients.

Did you ever come across either kind of sick person?


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Unfolding Mystery Of Life

By shagunK Philosophy

Many people believe that life is a mystery and everyone has their own story behind their believe. I have my own. Since childhood I encountered many strange situations and events. Still I do not understand reason behind those situations and events. As a sensitive person I always wanted to be cared and loved. But when anybody loved and cared me I ignored him and when I wanted to be cared from someone specific I got disappointed.


Life never remained easy to me. There was lots of struggles at every walk and still I am struggling on many fronts. Sometimes it feels I am not made for this world. I feel defeated from life. It seems I do not possess qualities required to live a successful life. I see many people who are living happily have peculiar qualities and behavior that consciously I wouldn’t like to see in me. But I feel those peculiar qualities and behavior help them to use people around them that I found ridiculous.

If people do not like you for being yourself then how you could be happy to show them yourself nice by manipulating everything. But some did this almost life long to control influential people around them who are having money or power. These days it looks like money is everything. If you have unfathomable money people start treating you like you are nicest,  wisest and  greatest person of this world.

Though I meet wonderful persons throughout in my life even then I do not know why often my life stuck among most insensitive, manipulative persons. Is it the way of God to punish me for whatever I did wrong knowingly or unknowingly in this or past life? Are you surprised what I am talking about? You read right I believe in past life and karma.


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It Is Not Easy To Be A Woman

By shagunK September 22, 2015 Philosophy

Being a woman I know women face many challenges on every walk of life. It is not at all easy to be a women. I read a post of one of my online friend  in which she did a comparison of situation of women in her country(U.S.) and other countries. At some point she is right but it is not a complete picture of any country or society dear friend. She said in some countries women are treated  like a good for nothing and in her country if women is treated badly they call the cops but you know that crime against women is still not stopped in any country. Crime rate against women is less or more exist in all countries.


If you go through women life you will realize either women are from developed countries or from a developing countries we not only managing our home, kids, relatives, finances but also do compromises for balancing everything in life. As compared to women men live their life with more freedom and less boundaries.


I feel it is tough to be a women doesn’t mean I don’t like to be a women, I am proud to be a woman. But I want to say that why this kind of imbalance between men and women’s life. Why not both are treated equally by the society, why not both compromise equally to balance the life, why not both share equal responsibilities to raise the kids, why not men are expected to make a good relationship with their in-laws?


Many questions arise in my mind sometimes. I know some of you are feeling like me but not all. Because it is not a universal truth, some men are really does all the things that a women do for their kids, family, spouse. One of my online friend from Pakistan is doing job in a school and his wife is working in a bank mentioned many times in his posts that he co operates  his wife in household cores and supports every walk of life. I really find him a gentleman. I wish all the men could be like this.

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