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How To Get Free Referrals To Support Online Business

By shagunK June 28, 2015 Online Earnings

If you are passionate about earning online then surely you know about referrals and power of referrals to earn online. I feel amazed to see people who have thousands, not hundreds , of direct referrals to support their online business. I wonder how they managed to get a huge number of referrals.

Although I am earning online since two years but hardly got huge referrals to support my online ventures. I know some ways through which you can get free referrals for your online programs where referrals can earn a decent amount for you. I used these methods to get free referrals.

If you are willing to earn online, create blog or site for you. If you do not want to spend on creating site there are numerous free options to create a blog or website, go for them. I suggesting you to write a blog because on your own blog you can write about your online earning programs and promote them to get some free referrals. You can join some pay per click advertisement programs and use your blog to place advertisements from that site. If you promote your blog you will get good traffic on your blog. Except this you can use other methods too to get free referrals. Some of them are as follows:

Put Your Referral Link To Surf Exchange Sites

I like to use surf exchange sites like traffup, shaggydogbiz etc. because there you encounter with some earning options and there are a lot of people like me are searching some good earning options.

Add Your Referral Link To Referral Exchange Sites

On these kind of sites you earn points or credits by viewing sites of other users and in return they view yours. If your earning option appeal them they click on your link and join. Here you get a easy referral. Referral exchange sites are Simplerefs, Downlinerefs etc.

Use Online Forums And Place Your Referral Link There 

Some forums allow you to place links and referral links use them.Reply queries of users and place your referral link with your signature. There are lot of forums , you can find through google.

Place Your Referral Link On Social Networking Sites

These days barely a person who use internet and his presence is not on social networking sites. Then why just wasting your time. Use your circle to get support your online business. Share your referral links there, your friends will see them and if your earning program appeals them they will join you.


Keep Smiling, Keep Earning!!!


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