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Unfolding Mystery Of Life

By shagunK October 17, 2015 Philosophy

Many people believe that life is a mystery and everyone has their own story behind their believe. I have my own. Since childhood I encountered many strange situations and events. Still I do not understand reason behind those situations and events. As a sensitive person I always wanted to be cared and loved. But when anybody loved and cared me I ignored him and when I wanted to be cared from someone specific I got disappointed.


Life never remained easy to me. There was lots of struggles at every walk and still I am struggling on many fronts. Sometimes it feels I am not made for this world. I feel defeated from life. It seems I do not possess qualities required to live a successful life. I see many people who are living happily have peculiar qualities and behavior that consciously I wouldn’t like to see in me. But I feel those peculiar qualities and behavior help them to use people around them that I found ridiculous.

If people do not like you for being yourself then how you could be happy to show them yourself nice by manipulating everything. But some did this almost life long to control influential people around them who are having money or power. These days it looks like money is everything. If you have unfathomable money people start treating you like you are nicest,  wisest and  greatest person of this world.

Though I meet wonderful persons throughout in my life even then I do not know why often my life stuck among most insensitive, manipulative persons. Is it the way of God to punish me for whatever I did wrong knowingly or unknowingly in this or past life? Are you surprised what I am talking about? You read right I believe in past life and karma.


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