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How I Started My Online Earnings Jobs

By shagunK June 28, 2015 Online Earnings

Most of the people who spends four five hours per day online hardly keeps away himself from earning money online programs. I am too not an exception. I started using internet almost three four years back for searching jobs. I want to do a job but my family responsibilities never allowed me to do so.

But how to cope up with inflation inspired me to search some WAH(work at home) job. Initially I foundĀ get paid to post photos online sites. I happily started there but that did not worked for me because I didn’t had much time to spend capturing pictures to post there.

Then I started my own blog on blogger. Once I was searching link directories to post my blog posts link then I found paid to post for writing blog called bubblews. Initially it didn’t appeal me but few months later one of my friend about popularity of that blogging site so I thought to write there.

Once I started there writing I got addicted to write there and spend a lot of time without leaving my couch. I finish my all home jobs and start posting, reading,liking, commenting and sharing almost all day. Within a month I cash out my first $25. It boosted my writing too. On my second redemption I reached in only 15 days and I requested but I did not received my next $25 even after one month. In my Bubblews bank $55 accumulated and $25 redemption request was pending. One day when I tried to login they said that my account is not there.

I was shocked. But somehow I managed myself and created another account and contacted Bubblews staff. They replied that one of my post violated the rule and allowed me to continue with new account. Then I started writing there and started searching other sites to WAH. Now I am working on different types of jobs online and my latest finding is blogjob. I would like to share that with you all. But before that I want to confirm what kind of contents are allowed here.

Keep Smiling!!!

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