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Forgetting Could Be A Blessing

By shagunK October 13, 2015 Philosophy

Don’t get surprise, everything has two aspects in life. It is your point of view and mindset that decides which side to see. I have a problem since I was in high school. I forget things, people, events easily or remember partially but the problem was not very severe so nobody in my family took it seriously and never consulted any doctor.


Initially I had very good memory and I was a quick learner. Anything I read once or twice and that got printed in my memory. But do not know what happened, when I was in my high school I realized that I start forgetting things, people or their name and events partially unlike earlier.

It was annoying to me. I try to remember but can’t  recall everything about a person whom I met after a long time. If I met a person then either I forget his name or how do I know him? Anybody who has bad memory could understand how I was feeling at that time. But I can’t helped it. This problem started affecting my academic performance in later years. I was sad and once even thought to leave my study after high school but to over come this problem I worked hard. My father helped me and motivated to continue my study. That worked and I completed my masters degree in computer applications.

My life aren’t a smooth ride. I struggled a lot and still struggling on many aspects of life. I encountered many people with dual nature and behavior. They tried to harm me in many ways but I keep myself calm and composed because I forget their behavior with time. Once forgetting things and events annoyed me a lot but later in life at some point it helped me to survive.

Imagine if my memory remained like earlier and I remembered everything. What could happen with me? I am sure it it not only true for me, many of this world could related themselves too.


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