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By shagunK October 17, 2015 Health

Somewhere I read about hidden/invisible illness. There were few written lines about hidden illness but dipped into deep emotions. Are you thinking what is this hidden illness? I got to know that there are two type of conditions that you can count in hidden illness, patients of condition type one need help of people around him more but patients of condition type two need help from himself more than people around him. It is unfortunate that both kind of patients are in the society but most of the people neither do not recognize them nor help them according to their needs.


In type one illness person faces struggles of his daily life, it could be from his job, marriage or society. Without putting your feet in his shoes you couldn’t image how hard it is to explain about it to those who have no idea of this kind of illness. Person who face this type of illness feel pain, feel unwell, sometimes feel awful within whilst trying to look completely  fine in front of others. I am talking about person who got married with ill mannered person or person with partially mentally sick. It is not at all easy when you are suffering in such type of situation and still put brave face for people you care or people around you. Next time when you meet a person suffering in this kind of situation do not judge him/her instantly. You do not know from what he/she is going through in his/her life.

Second type of illness where person having any kind of mental or behavioral disorder about which either he himself unaware or hide it from others. Person suffering from such kind of illness neither safe for himself nor for persons around himself. These kind of patients can harm others mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes it is seen that they try to harm their own kids or teen aged children. People around them or in his life suffer more than patient but they feel helpless. These kind of patients take advantage of people ignorant behavior towards himself. But the fact is such type of sick person need psychological treatment or counselling. This situation can change but people in society need to change their attitude towards persons in life of these kind of patients.

Did you ever come across either kind of sick person?


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