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Challenges In Raising Two Small Kids Together

By shagunK January 18, 2016 How to

Having kids is a boon. Without kids life is barren place. I can’t imagine my life without my kids. It feels awesome when first time you hold your new born in your arms. You filled with joy when he/she first time calls you mom/dad. Having kids where gives you ultimate happiness, it demands a lot of effort and hard work too to raise your kids properly.


I am mom of two kids, my daughter is 4 years old and son is just 8 months old. Before birth of my son my daughter was utterly sensible, well behaved and studious. But after my son’s birth she gradually turned into a most talkative, clumsy and mischievous girl. I know sometimes she feels that I am not giving her attention like before but believe me I try my level best to give both equal love and care.

I often talk her patiently and try to make her understand that baby is too young and I’ve to take care of him a bit more until he grown up like you. Giving him a bit more time and attention doesn’t mean I love him more than you. At that time she pretends like she understood what I said but after some time she starts behaving like as before.

My daughter’s behavior making me cranky. I am sacrificing many things in life to raise my kids properly. To make them a good human being I do all kind of effort. Do not know how I will handle her tantrums further. After birth of my son I was thinking that now both will play together and I will have more time for other chores. But she proved me wrong, now I hardly found time for myself to relax. It is a challenging job to raise two small kids together. I really need some good parenting tips from experienced friends on “How to raise kids in a stress free manner?”

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How Can I Manage My Time To Write On Blogjob?

By shagunK October 13, 2015 How to

As I mentioned many times that I am working in finance sector offline and except that active on various online sites to earn some extra bucks. But due to some personal reasons I am not able to continue finance sector’s my offline job. So took a break from that job.

After taking leave from finance sector I started a new job in new city. I liked my new job and slowly I was adjusting in my new life routine but my younger kid fell sick. I told my boss about my problem, she grant me leave immediately and never bothered me whereas I joined recently.


Twenty days later I joined back my job but unfortunately when I came back at home my kid was in fever. I took him and rushed to the doctor’s clinic. Doctor said my kid is used to of me and he is quite sensitive so don’t leave him for longer hours with anybody else, not even with his granny.

This job was important for me but I can’t ignore health of my kids, as they are priority of my life. I can do anything for them but can’t ignore them for anything in my life. Now I started to do my online jobs with perseverance . I have passion for writing and it is like stress buster for me. But seems like my son like gadgets more than me :). Whenever I work online he jump on my laptop and start typing.

My son is chirpy. He all the time wants to play with my cellphone and laptop. He is just few months old so can’t make him understand my problem. I have many sites to work online and by working regularly with discipline I can earn decent amount. I have many things about what I want to write here on blogjob, but my both kids keeps me busy with them. I do not know how to manage my time to work online?


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How To Change Name Of Your Site And Tagline On BlogJob

By shagunK September 22, 2015 blogjob

I am not very old or experienced on blogjob but I like this site so love to spend time to read articles and explore many other sections of it especially forums & rewards section. I like to visit forums and if I can help someone I feel more than happy. Since I am not a professionally trained for online jobs but leaned many things through help of other online users, so just try to give back what I received from the world :D.


I read many user’s query about how to edit or change name of sites and taglines of the sites they created. So a thought came to my mind to write about it as an update so that users could read it and help each other. Then suddenly  a question raised in my mind why not you write it as an “How To” article and publish it so that when users search about it then can find help from this.

How To Change Name Of Sites And Tagline:

1.After login go to the Activity Tab or any other tab.

2. Now you will see My Sites tab at upper right corner. When you place your cursor on My Sites       tab you will see list of all sites you created on blogjob.

3. Move cursor on that site name which you want to change.Now you will see other options on         placing cursor on name of that site like this :

4. Now click on dashboard option of the site that you want to change.

5. On reaching the dashboard of desired site place cursor on your Site’s Name tab. Now you see       Visit Site option like this: , click on visit site option.

6. Now you are on your site page. Here you will your site name, when you place cursor on your         site name a drop down menu will open and one of the option you will find there is                             Customize like this : , click on customize option.

7. After clicking on Customize  you will see Site Title & Tagline tab, click on it.

8. Now you will see two boxes, one is of Site Title and other is of Tagline like                                           this: . Now click cursor on either of the boxes and change them as         per your wish.

9. After changing Site name and tagline save changes by clicking on save button.

Hope it will help some of you.


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