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How To Change Name Of Your Site And Tagline On BlogJob

By shagunK September 22, 2015 blogjob

I am not very old or experienced on blogjob but I like this site so love to spend time to read articles and explore many other sections of it especially forums & rewards section. I like to visit forums and if I can help someone I feel more than happy. Since I am not a professionally trained for online jobs but leaned many things through help of other online users, so just try to give back what I received from the world :D.


I read many user’s query about how to edit or change name of sites and taglines of the sites they created. So a thought came to my mind to write about it as an update so that users could read it and help each other. Then suddenly  a question raised in my mind why not you write it as an “How To” article and publish it so that when users search about it then can find help from this.

How To Change Name Of Sites And Tagline:

1.After login go to the Activity Tab or any other tab.

2. Now you will see My Sites tab at upper right corner. When you place your cursor on My Sites       tab you will see list of all sites you created on blogjob.

3. Move cursor on that site name which you want to change.Now you will see other options on         placing cursor on name of that site like this :

4. Now click on dashboard option of the site that you want to change.

5. On reaching the dashboard of desired site place cursor on your Site’s Name tab. Now you see       Visit Site option like this: , click on visit site option.

6. Now you are on your site page. Here you will your site name, when you place cursor on your         site name a drop down menu will open and one of the option you will find there is                             Customize like this : , click on customize option.

7. After clicking on Customize  you will see Site Title & Tagline tab, click on it.

8. Now you will see two boxes, one is of Site Title and other is of Tagline like                                           this: . Now click cursor on either of the boxes and change them as         per your wish.

9. After changing Site name and tagline save changes by clicking on save button.

Hope it will help some of you.


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