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Do You Feel It Is Difficult To Manage Your Anger?

By shagunK September 22, 2015 Anger

I felt it many times that it is difficult to manage my anger. I want to control or minimize level of my anger in some particular situations but failed sometimes. I do not know what makes me so angry in some situations. Being a woman I like to be humble and well behaved.And I lived my life decently in a peaceful environment. But life gone through some changes seven years back. Since then I had faced many kind of mental, emotional torture.


I trusted a dishonest person and paid for it. I not only lost my self confidence but also start thinking about killing myself. But God’s planning was different and one by one met two angels in my life. Both angels start changing my life slowly. I was suffocating in a bad environment since last seven years and no one was there to help me out. These angels gave me courage to pull out of this situation.

I have started recovering from that trauma but still face difficulty in managing my anger. I do not harm anyone but I shout loud and cry a lot that exhaust me badly. I am committed to control my anger but when I try to control it I face headache. Some people around me worsen the situation. They know many things I gone through even then they hurt me with sarcasm. I can’t change all the world who like to gossip about bad things or events, so let them do it.

I am planning to take meditation sessions to make myself like before seven years I was, calm, cool, happy, enthusiastic person. I know it is not easy but my two angels give me a lot of strength and love to do this. And I want to live, to love and to be loved.

If you are too facing problem problem in managing your anger look around you there could be your angel who will give support to see positive things in life and will help you to leave negative things.


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