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The Most Valuable Thing You Could Give Your Loved Ones

By shagunK January 18, 2016 How To Nurture Relationship

We all meet different kind of people in our life. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Some value materialistic things, some value spirituality and other value emotions. But did you ever think what one thing that we all need in our life? Did you ever tried to know that what is the most valuable thing you can give to your loved ones?


Time, I think time is the most valuable thing that we all demand from our loved ones. But some people are running behind earning lots of money, some are busy with career building, some give more importance to their social life and hardly found time to spend with their loved ones. All aforementioned kind of people has their own excuses and tries to give different things to their loved ones rather than spending time with them.

After joining online writing communities I met different people across the world and realized that we all have something common in us. We all love our family and like to spend time with them. Emotions don’t differ with country, religion or with skin colour. We all are same at heart and soul. We all need quality time to spend with our loved ones. Nothing could replace value of spending quality time with loved one.

Just think any gift you could take back that you gave to someone except time. Time is once gone, gone forever. You couldn’t take back time you spend with someone. When you spend time with your loved ones, you create sweet memories and strengthen bond between you both.

These days we can see many relationships end up because either of one or both partners do not have enough time to spend together. Kids feel ignored or mislead in life because their parents neglect the importance of spending time together.

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Challenges In Raising Two Small Kids Together

By shagunK How to

Having kids is a boon. Without kids life is barren place. I can’t imagine my life without my kids. It feels awesome when first time you hold your new born in your arms. You filled with joy when he/she first time calls you mom/dad. Having kids where gives you ultimate happiness, it demands a lot of effort and hard work too to raise your kids properly.


I am mom of two kids, my daughter is 4 years old and son is just 8 months old. Before birth of my son my daughter was utterly sensible, well behaved and studious. But after my son’s birth she gradually turned into a most talkative, clumsy and mischievous girl. I know sometimes she feels that I am not giving her attention like before but believe me I try my level best to give both equal love and care.

I often talk her patiently and try to make her understand that baby is too young and I’ve to take care of him a bit more until he grown up like you. Giving him a bit more time and attention doesn’t mean I love him more than you. At that time she pretends like she understood what I said but after some time she starts behaving like as before.

My daughter’s behavior making me cranky. I am sacrificing many things in life to raise my kids properly. To make them a good human being I do all kind of effort. Do not know how I will handle her tantrums further. After birth of my son I was thinking that now both will play together and I will have more time for other chores. But she proved me wrong, now I hardly found time for myself to relax. It is a challenging job to raise two small kids together. I really need some good parenting tips from experienced friends on “How to raise kids in a stress free manner?”

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Do You Trust A Strangers?

By shagunK Philosophy

Trust…This five letter word looks very simple but it has a great depth in it. It is easy to expect someone else to trust you but hard to trust others without prior experience.

Few days back an incident happened with me. I want to share that with you all. On my facebook profile there are many friends of mine are those whom I never met in person. They are my online friends and I met them on different earning sites.


Since last two years I meet them almost every day online either one or on another site.  Gradually they became part of my life and I like to meet or talk to them online. I talk about them with my offline friends.

Since earning sites comes and goes, I started adding my online friends on my facebook account, so that I could keep in touch with them. Initially I started doing this just to remain in touch with my online friends but it also helped me find some new earning ways.

One of my online friends introduced me to a new online earning stream. That could be not new to some of you. It appealed me so I joined that business.

But to start working there I have to add some funds through accepted payment processors. Most popular payment processor I observed among users of that site is Perfect Money. But the problem is I do not know to add funds on PM(Perfect Money) account.

When I asked my online friend about it he said I have to purchase PM money from someone else of my country and in exchange transfer Indian rupees to his bank account. But when I said him to give PM of value $50 in my PM account he said first you transfer equivalent money in my bank account then I’ll transfer. In fact he said he will give $2 extra, that sound suspicious so I asked the reason he said to do such kind of act give him happiness. I am new to this kind of online business and do not want to get scammed so dropped idea of exchanging PM money from that friend.

Moral of the story “He easily asked me to trust him but when I expected same from him he started making excuses”. 

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