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Hidden/Invisible Illness

By shagunK October 17, 2015 Health

Somewhere I read about hidden/invisible illness. There were few written lines about hidden illness but dipped into deep emotions. Are you thinking what is this hidden illness? I got to know that there are two type of conditions that you can count in hidden illness, patients of condition type one need help of people around him more but patients of condition type two need help from himself more than people around him. It is unfortunate that both kind of patients are in the society but most of the people neither do not recognize them nor help them according to their needs.


In type one illness person faces struggles of his daily life, it could be from his job, marriage or society. Without putting your feet in his shoes you couldn’t image how hard it is to explain about it to those who have no idea of this kind of illness. Person who face this type of illness feel pain, feel unwell, sometimes feel awful within whilst trying to look completely  fine in front of others. I am talking about person who got married with ill mannered person or person with partially mentally sick. It is not at all easy when you are suffering in such type of situation and still put brave face for people you care or people around you. Next time when you meet a person suffering in this kind of situation do not judge him/her instantly. You do not know from what he/she is going through in his/her life.

Second type of illness where person having any kind of mental or behavioral disorder about which either he himself unaware or hide it from others. Person suffering from such kind of illness neither safe for himself nor for persons around himself. These kind of patients can harm others mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes it is seen that they try to harm their own kids or teen aged children. People around them or in his life suffer more than patient but they feel helpless. These kind of patients take advantage of people ignorant behavior towards himself. But the fact is such type of sick person need psychological treatment or counselling. This situation can change but people in society need to change their attitude towards persons in life of these kind of patients.

Did you ever come across either kind of sick person?


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Unfolding Mystery Of Life

By shagunK Philosophy

Many people believe that life is a mystery and everyone has their own story behind their believe. I have my own. Since childhood I encountered many strange situations and events. Still I do not understand reason behind those situations and events. As a sensitive person I always wanted to be cared and loved. But when anybody loved and cared me I ignored him and when I wanted to be cared from someone specific I got disappointed.


Life never remained easy to me. There was lots of struggles at every walk and still I am struggling on many fronts. Sometimes it feels I am not made for this world. I feel defeated from life. It seems I do not possess qualities required to live a successful life. I see many people who are living happily have peculiar qualities and behavior that consciously I wouldn’t like to see in me. But I feel those peculiar qualities and behavior help them to use people around them that I found ridiculous.

If people do not like you for being yourself then how you could be happy to show them yourself nice by manipulating everything. But some did this almost life long to control influential people around them who are having money or power. These days it looks like money is everything. If you have unfathomable money people start treating you like you are nicest,  wisest and  greatest person of this world.

Though I meet wonderful persons throughout in my life even then I do not know why often my life stuck among most insensitive, manipulative persons. Is it the way of God to punish me for whatever I did wrong knowingly or unknowingly in this or past life? Are you surprised what I am talking about? You read right I believe in past life and karma.


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Forgetting Could Be A Blessing

By shagunK October 13, 2015 Philosophy

Don’t get surprise, everything has two aspects in life. It is your point of view and mindset that decides which side to see. I have a problem since I was in high school. I forget things, people, events easily or remember partially but the problem was not very severe so nobody in my family took it seriously and never consulted any doctor.


Initially I had very good memory and I was a quick learner. Anything I read once or twice and that got printed in my memory. But do not know what happened, when I was in my high school I realized that I start forgetting things, people or their name and events partially unlike earlier.

It was annoying to me. I try to remember but can’t  recall everything about a person whom I met after a long time. If I met a person then either I forget his name or how do I know him? Anybody who has bad memory could understand how I was feeling at that time. But I can’t helped it. This problem started affecting my academic performance in later years. I was sad and once even thought to leave my study after high school but to over come this problem I worked hard. My father helped me and motivated to continue my study. That worked and I completed my masters degree in computer applications.

My life aren’t a smooth ride. I struggled a lot and still struggling on many aspects of life. I encountered many people with dual nature and behavior. They tried to harm me in many ways but I keep myself calm and composed because I forget their behavior with time. Once forgetting things and events annoyed me a lot but later in life at some point it helped me to survive.

Imagine if my memory remained like earlier and I remembered everything. What could happen with me? I am sure it it not only true for me, many of this world could related themselves too.


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How Can I Manage My Time To Write On Blogjob?

By shagunK How to

As I mentioned many times that I am working in finance sector offline and except that active on various online sites to earn some extra bucks. But due to some personal reasons I am not able to continue finance sector’s my offline job. So took a break from that job.

After taking leave from finance sector I started a new job in new city. I liked my new job and slowly I was adjusting in my new life routine but my younger kid fell sick. I told my boss about my problem, she grant me leave immediately and never bothered me whereas I joined recently.


Twenty days later I joined back my job but unfortunately when I came back at home my kid was in fever. I took him and rushed to the doctor’s clinic. Doctor said my kid is used to of me and he is quite sensitive so don’t leave him for longer hours with anybody else, not even with his granny.

This job was important for me but I can’t ignore health of my kids, as they are priority of my life. I can do anything for them but can’t ignore them for anything in my life. Now I started to do my online jobs with perseverance . I have passion for writing and it is like stress buster for me. But seems like my son like gadgets more than me :). Whenever I work online he jump on my laptop and start typing.

My son is chirpy. He all the time wants to play with my cellphone and laptop. He is just few months old so can’t make him understand my problem. I have many sites to work online and by working regularly with discipline I can earn decent amount. I have many things about what I want to write here on blogjob, but my both kids keeps me busy with them. I do not know how to manage my time to work online?


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Healthy Living Starts With Keeping Your Body Healthy

By shagunK October 1, 2015 Health

In this fast running world we all are busy with our own daily schedule of life. We hardly found time for anything except our regular routine life. We all have to do many things every day to meet the target of life. Everyone looks running to complete his all the responsibilities in a short span of time. We all perform many kinds of duties to fulfill all the responsibilities of work, family and society.


Don’t you think that we all are making fool ourselves at some point. What we all want from life? What exactly are our real needs? Did you asked this type of question from yourself ever? Sometimes I feel that most of the world are running in a rat race without realizing that we are doing right or wrong. We all are running behind those materialistic things that are either less or nothing meant at the end of the life.

We all are aspiring happiness, comfort, progress for us and our family. But did you ever thought that we could do all these things only if we are healthy. Take a pause and think about it. How much time you take out of daily routine to keep you healthy? We all know that “Health Is Wealth” and without a good healthy body we can’t enjoy anything in life. Healthy mind lives in healthy body. Thus healthy living starts with keeping your body healthy.

There are many ways of exercise you can opt to keep yourselves healthy. If you do not have much time to do keep yourselves healthy start with breathing exercise. You need only 10 minutes to do it and it helps to clean your body within and rejuvenate. Breathing exercise is easy to learn and most of the people can do it except some specific chronic disease persons. No specific place or equipment you need to do breathing exercise. Some breathing exercises are safe for even pregnant women. With doing it not only you will get relax in 10 minutes but also can start your day with a freshness.


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