Looking at swag bucks as a reward program as really helped me recently. Perhaps it’s not for everyone, however it has helped me tremendously. Usually I don’t spend much time on swag bucks but I’ve recently learned how to make more out of it, even if it isn’t more financially.

Try to earn the bonus points when you can, and you will earn more than you think at once. When you can earn the total bonus points for the entire month, you definitely should. The problem I have is that I just simply don’t have the time and I’m not going to work everyday to reach the bonus.

Use the shop and earn to gain even more points whenever you shop online. Especially when you are already going to buy something, why not get something for buying it? All it really is, it’s just one click and you earn points.

Get the gift cards that are on sale if you can, to save points. When you can redeem gift cards that are on sale, you can save the points and therefore redeem more gift cards. However, it’s a little difficult because sometimes you have to save the points to redeem ones that are on sale. You might not realize, however, a lot of the gift cards that are usually on sale are usually the higher ranged by points and amounts.

Do swag bucks in your spare time, if you are already someone who doesn’t have a lot of time. Or you can plan when and how long to complete swag bucks every day. However, lets face reality, usually people don’t have the time. 

Swag bucks is a great search and earn website. The problem is that majority of people don’t know how to maximize their profits, because of the time consuming activities. By doing these simple things, it can help you more than you might think. 

2 Thoughts on “Making the most out of swagbucks

  1. I used them for awhile but it just wasn’t for me. I like my points.

  2. I’m on mypoints, about to redeem for the first time. Still some points short though. I completely understand. Not all of them are for everyone. I feel that way about Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings, it helped me through a rough patch but it took way to long to earn $30 dollars.

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