The most important trait of a freelancer

It’s my third post for the week and thank you for following my blog. This post is dedicated to all aspiring freelancers who wants to enter the chaotic world of freelancing. I hope the statement still encourages you to take the freelancing path. Anyway, I’ll just finish my introduction and proceed to the most important […]

Multi-tasking or Single-tasking?

The term multi-tasking is more popular than single-tasking because it is a common word in the household or the office. Mothers usually say that they multi-task because there’s a lot do at home especially when kids are around. It is also a usual scenario for working moms. You may see them answering the calls while […]

3 freelancing myths that shocked newbies

In the freelancing business, you will not survive if you are not a risk-taker. The nature of the work is against the flow of the mainstream. So, don’t get surprised if you will not get any support from your family or any of your friends, especially if their work is a 9-to-5 job. Unless, you […]