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Opening My Blog

If you actively follow me on BlogJob, then you may have come across a status update where I revealed that I need to open up this blog to more than just reviewing the latest online freelance writing opportunities.  I’d already done this when I started reviewing various PTC (paid to click) websites and offering tips and tricks for writing/successful use of PTC websites, but I want to make it official.  I can’t change the name of my website and honestly I don’t know that I want to scrap all of my previous posts and start fresh, but I think I could justify using the name Freelance Writing Whisperings while increasing the content of this blog.

Posting about freelance writing websites was the initial goal, but there’s a lot less of them than I thought.  When I get bored I like to Bing search or Google for online freelance writing websites to see if I can discover a new option to research and blog about.  I’m not afraid to go twenty or more search pages to find what I’m looking for.  The problem is that if I have to go twenty or so search pages in, I’m not going to find what I searched for.   I’m torn between blatantly saying that the websites I’m looking for don’t exist and that they do exist but I’m not Googling the correct search terms.  On one hand, I’m not the greatest at knowing what string of keywords would bring up new-to-me paying freelance writing platforms.  I could very well be searching for the wrong terms.  On the other hand, really?  You would think searching “paying freelance writing websites” would give you some decent results!  In the end I don’t want to neglect a blog just because the content doesn’t exist or isn’t easy to find.  This babbling doesn’t justify keeping the name Freelance Writing Whisperings, but it explains the main reason I need to expand my blog to include other moneymaking opportunities.

More importantly to me is that once you cover everything you can think of about one paying website (such as BlogJob, though I’m not sure I dedicated a review to it), what else is there to discuss?  I can always write short status updates about BlogJob (or whatever websites), but as for a substantial 300+ word article, that’s next to impossible!  In order to keep having material to blog about, I need more websites to offer first impressions and experiences about.  The way I can justify using the title Freelance Writing Whisperings is that I’m writing about moneymaking websites of all types for part of my freelance writing project.  It’s a loose connection I admit, but I think it works for me and that’s what counts.

So all that out of the way, if you’ve heard of any interesting websites that pay you to use them in some way but you’re cautious about getting an account, send the name my way and I’ll use them and review them.

ExpertsColumn Looks Spiffy But Doesn’t Allow Blog Creation

I have a gripe about ExpertsColumn that anybody interested in writing for them needs to hear.  Bear in mind that the more I check out the features of ExpertsColumn, the more I’m interested in writing at ExpertsColumn.  If you read my earlier blog about my first impressions of the website home page and the dashboard, you might be surprised.  Yes, I had concerns about the site’s home page layout including the multiple spellings of ExpertsColumn, but the profile page layout is quite spiffy and blogging on ExpertsColumn would be worth pursuing.  I dislike the fact that in spite of going through the process of creating a blog and the website seemingly accepting my information, no blog is created for me and I can’t find information to guide me.

Before giving you the downer news, I want to talk up ExpertsColumn’s awesome points and give credit where credit is due.

First of all, I had reservations based on the cluttered dashboard and that writing contests on the website were heavily promoted, turning blogging into a competition.  I wouldn’t recommend that anyone goes into blogging with a competitive mindset, first of all.  Write for quality and write blog posts that are appealing to your target base.  If you do decide that you want to submit content for a blogging contest, bear in mind that you have to negotiate winning the competition with appealing to your audience(s).  ExpertsColumn definitely promotes competition, but the great thing is that you can ignore the dashboard posts by looking only at the left side of your screen to your blog creation and article publishing icons are.  I’ll be difficult to ignore the calls to competing in their monthly contests, but it’s not impossible if you decide to focus on quality blogging.

Second, today I visited a new location-my profile page.  I don’t know if I expected much, but actually I love what ExpertsColumn did with the background image and the ease of posting messages to the profile.  Right now the background image is what I consider “fire colors” (yellow, orange, and red) and black snowflakes and stars.  I’ve used the word spiffy at least three times now, but let me use it again.  There is nothing I adore more than a profile page that uses colorful and eye-catching backgrounds.

Unfortunately, I had no success in creating my first blog so that I could write my first article.  I went straight to the icon for “create a blog” and filled out my blog domain name, my blog title, a description of my blog, the niche my blog would fit into, and selected “I want to earn from ExpertsColumn revenue” instead of the pre-selected “I don’t want to earn”.  Everything was completed and I hit the “submit domain” button.  I’m used to immediately getting my blog so that I can fix it up and write my first article for it.  Sometimes instant gratification doesn’t happen, but I expect a quick “blog has been created” message to show up.  On ExpertsColumn, I got no such feedback.  It may as well be like my blog proposal was rejected, because my blog isn’t there.  It wasn’t there yesterday and it wasn’t there this morning and it also wasn’t there this afternoon.  To be fair to the support staff of ExpertsColumn, I did submit an email asking them how I can fix the problem I’m having last evening.  I’m still waiting for a reply.  In the meantime, I can’t recommend or not recommend ExpertsColumn because I can’t use them.

Bitlanders May Not be a Scam, But I Don’t Recommend Them

First of all, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to BlogJob user Henry for introducing all of us to Bitlanders, a social networking website that pays for your content (microblogs, blogs, and videos) about a month ago.  I would never have been able to find it on my own and I think it’s important to give others credit when they point you in the right direction.  So thank you Henry for your information on Bitlanders!

Now we can address the Bitlanders website directly.  First, you can check it out by going to this link:   It’s relatively easy to remember and straightforward for finding, which is the most positive thing I can say for the website.  Maybe I’ll add that if you remain faithful to posting content on the website you might get paid for it.  I can’t promise payment because I haven’t reached that point yet, but the promise of the website is that with enough points you can exchange them for various online gift cards and bitcoins (whatever those are).  Someone who’s more active on the website would be a better voice on whether you get paid or not.  For now we’ll go with the idea that you do get paid.  The third thing that’s nice about the website goes hand-in-hand with payment, so maybe we’ll call it Positive Point 2.5 or some catchy term like that.  Check your account every day.  You’ll likely find a “bonus” of some amount of points.  This is the reason I personally keep coming back to the website.  If we didn’t get bonuses, I wouldn’t bother.

Negative Points:

  • The content is shoddy.  Now, to be fair to Bitlanders, this isn’t the fault of the website moderator.  If users were more serious about posting quality content and acting as community moderators, this problem with one to two word comments or meaningless gibberish would clear up considerably.  The only user that I can honestly point to and say “This man knows what he’s writing about” is “LarryOliver”.  Most of the content is microblogs (which admittedly is my go-to activity) and people posting images that are enticing (um, visually appealing) but not of themselves and trying to get as many views as possible without posting anything of substance.  If you are a serious blogger, I would not recommend spending your time and dedicatedly written articles on Bitlanders.
  • The avatars are creepy.  So, Bitlanders as a social network needed to brand itself in a noticeable way.  The method chosen is to use animated men and women full-body avatars.  They are…um, how to say this nicely?  They look tacky and poorly-drawn!  Yes, that actually is putting it nicely.  The clothing and accessories are admittedly neat.  If you enjoy playing online dress-up, Bitlanders is right up your alley.  Since Bitlanders partnered with Indonesian pop star Cinta (not sure who she is, but she must be famous in that part of the world) as an avatar clothing designer and the face of Bitlanders you do have some really nice outfits.  If Cinta hadn’t been involved, I don’t know that the outfits would be so plentiful and so appealing.  That doesn’t change the fact that the avatars themselves are a total turn-off!
  • The search button functions to a point (in which you can type in a word or a phrase and it’ll return results that are kind of what you were looking for), but there’s no good way of searching for specific content in microblogs, blogs, and videos.  If the purpose of this website is that you are interactive with users and their content, you would expect that you could easily find their content.  You can’t.  The best way to check for new content is to repeatedly return to the website.

In short, I don’t recommend Bitlanders if you’re serious about posting content.  It is purely for mindless social networking and playing dress-up.  Maybe you do get paid, but right now I couldn’t tell you that either way.  I don’t believe it’s a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend something to others that I’m not 100% feeling.

The Search For Good Freelance Writing Websites

I had big plans for my first-ever blog on Freelance Writing Whisperings.  I planned on providing my readers with a list of websites that pay for freelance writing.  I planned to divide my list into “articles”, “blogs”, “lists”, and “reviews” for extra clarity.  Beyond that, I know that a lot of writers want to find a niche and won’t bother with anything that doesn’t work with their niche.  As someone who would never have discovered my own websites without using other people’s lists, I thought it would be the perfect way to give back to the up-and-coming freelance bloggers.  I was unbelievably excited to create this list…and then I started searching for the freelance writing websites.

Did you know that for all the joys of the internet and the world wide web, there never seems to be good search results for the items you really want to find?  I can just hear the dissenters calling “Not true!  You’re just lazy and didn’t Google hard enough!” but in fact it’s unfortunately much more true than I wish it was.  I am lazy, but not when it comes to important tasks such as Googling (or Bing-ing) for potential freelance writing websites.  My primary search engine is Bing, but I’m quickly learning that it isn’t the most reliable for bringing up websites that you already know exist.  It’s even worse bringing up new websites.  In order to find what you’re searching for, you have to use very specific key words.  Good luck figuring out what they are!  If you find an effective way to search, let me know!

Well, my plans for independently finding excellent article publication, blog, list, and product reviews have fallen through.  I will leave you with a (very) short list of websites that I’ve personally used to get you interested along with a brief description of what they are and then I will have to post a follow-up article on websites that others have recommended once I’ve also checked them out for content and if they even exist anymore.

Websites I Already Use:

  • DailyTwoCents-Do you like residual income (essentially income that occurs when you create and post content and then leave it alone while it continually generates money)?  Maybe you’ll like DailyTwoCents.  It uses a standard WordPress layout for clean, professional-looking articles.  While you can’t select your own layout and background image (at least to my knowledge) or have multiple websites for very specific content, it is an excellent option for quick and easy blogging.  In my experience, the two moderators are super nice and will promptly respond to any questions you have.  Be sure that if you email them, tell them directly what your problem or concern is.  They’ve always been helpful for me, so don’t be scared to communicate with them.  As for payment, payment is done through PayPal on the tenth of every month.  Definitely set up a PayPla account before joining DailyTwoCents.  The first threshold for redemption is 5.00.
  • BlogJob-I have a sense of humor for talking about BlogJob on BlogJob, but I have good things to say about it so I think it’ll be okay with the moderator.  The thing I find so enjoyable about writing on BlogJob is that I can create an unlimited amount of blogs so that I can get very specific about topics that are of interest to me.  Say you want to write about books, movies, music, TV shows, podcasts, videos posted online, and any other form of entertainment media imaginable.  You can create blogs for each topic.  Every activity that you perform on the website, whether it’s creating a blog post or posting a status update will earn you points.  Eventually you’ll earn enough points to buy gift cards or to deposit into PayPal.  Just be careful that you don’t spam the website advertising companies that you profit from.  Content that educates, persuades, or amuses is best.


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