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Earning Gift Cards With Lucktastic

Yes, you can earn gift cards with the application Lucktastic.  It isn’t a quick earner by any means-I can vouch for that because a year later I’m still trying to accumulate enough points to redeem for my first-ever gift card-but there are payoffs to sticking with it.  For those of you who have never heard of Lucktastic, it is a scratch and win game application.  Think of it as the lottery.  The difference between Lucktastic and the lottery is that on Lucktastic you may not win a money prize but you can build up tokens to redeem for gift cards.  I can’t stress it enough, however, that Lucktastic is s…l…o…w for redemption and may not be for everyone.  If you’re still interested, here’s some tips and tricks.

  • Play at least one card every day.  This will guarantee that you earn additional rewards on a daily basis.  Some of them are entries into million dollar contests (which personally does nothing) but sometimes you get extra tokens or money.  I have personally won three .50 entries.
  • Make sure you play your “Highest pay!” cards everyday because they are 20 to 30 points each.  If you don’t have much time in a day, at least play these two.
  • Set a notification for the daily bonus card.  It won’t give you a significant boost, but even six or so extra tokens helps.
  • Watch videos.  They’ll be predominantly for application games, so even if you’re not a fan do it anyway because you don’t actually have to watch them.  Just let the video run from beginning to end and you’ll get your points.  Right now there are videos worth 5 points and 10 points, but note that the amount of points can fluctuate.
  • If Lucktastic is offering any deals for playing their promoted application game of the moment in exchange for tokens, give it a try.  Most of the advertised games are fantasy/strategy worldbuilding and fighting games, such as their current promotion Game of War.  Even if you hate these types of games, you can bank 2,000+ tokens just by downloading it through Lucktastic and playing it for a few days (or so).

People have gotten frustrated with not winning money from their scratch and win cards and have given up on Lucktastic.  I play it for the eventual gift cards.  If I do win some amazing monetary prize, that would be the sprinkles over the smoothie, but I never count on it.  If you are patient, give it a try!

Perk’s Rewards Reader Has Potential, Needs Improvements

Freelance writing is not restricted to putting fingers to keyboard and creating a compelling product.  A strong news-based article encourages its readers to further explore the subject  by providing links to related news.  The catch is that the bulk of our time is spent finding articles that are appropriate and then linking to them, taking away from the time we could be writing our article.  The Perk Rewards Reader application may not lessen the time spent in our search for news, but it makes it more rewarding.

What is the Perk Rewards Reader application?  First, the disclaimer:  Like all other applications from the Perk family, it is currently restricted to US users.  The Rewards Reader page on Google Playstore doesn’t explicitly say this, but if you look at the list of charities that you can donate your earnings to, they are all US-based. My apologies to my international friends. If you’re still interested in this application, you’re probably wondering what it is and how to use it.  Think of Rewards Reader as a news aggregate similar to BuzzFeed in which it is a collection of news articles from many sources on many topics (although there are major categories that are noticeably missing; more on that in the following paragraph).  All the user has to do is click through a list of headlines. Each headline takes you to the article (usually but not always the full article) and you have to wait for maybe thirty seconds to get your Perk Points.

I love Rewards Reader because if I’m going to be looking for news articles anyway I get rewarded with Perk Points and that makes it worth using.  Of course, I’m always critical of products even when I think they’re useful and have such potential.  For me to recommend Rewards Reader as the go-to source for news, it has problems that I insist need improved on.  First, Rewards Reader is missing important categories such as entertainment news, education news, and literature news.  With many websites that Rewards Reader can pull articles from, there is no excuse to not include these categories.  Until Rewards Reader fixes this glaring oversight, you can search under “news and politics”.  Be aware that you’ll have to scroll carefully down the page because entertainment, education, and literature news gets buried under news and politics articles.  Second, Rewards Reader is more for quickly skimming through the articles while you wait for your points to load than getting rewarded for hardcore article reading. Those of us who care about fully digesting a story to blog about later can absolutely use Rewards Reader, but the one to three points we receive becomes more of a side bonus than the reason we should turn to Rewards Reader over another news aggregate.  I’d like to see “levels” of poins, such as a basic level for those that skim and receive one to three points and then a more advanced level for those of us who read the articles thorougly complete with additional points for our time.  Rewards Reader isn’t meant for us freelance writers, but it would help their appeal.

Complaints aside, I do like the concept of Rewards Reader.  Let’s see where it goes in the future.

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