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As skilled writers, we have the power to influence the world around us.  I know that in my search for new blogs and blog posts to read, I’ll see people state that they are mediocre bloggers who just want an outlet to vent.  I believe that all of us who love words and creating articles are capable of turning a simple vent into a call for change.  Consider using your talents to write a statement of complaint to a company or organization if something related to them bothers you and you have solutions for how they can rectify it.  Check out a statement of complaint I made to my bus deport about an incident that occurred today between 2:30 and 3:00.

A middle-aged woman, maybe around 40 or 50, indirectly announced she was a resident of *a city in West Virginia* by a series of complaints she voiced to the driver while he was headed from the  Bus Depot to *a community of residents*.  She was complaining about the flow of *a large university in West Virginia* students crossing the street between the *student lounge* and the *other side of the street where all the academic buildings are* and she said “I don’t care they have to get to class, I have to get somewhere too. Run them over!” She also complained that *the large university* wants to bring in more students and that would make it even harder for the bus to get her home and it would mean even more people (likely students) would be asking the bus driver about which route(s) to take. Occasionally she’d mention how rude the students crossing the *large university* main campus were and how she thinks there’s no respect for residents.

As a resident who had also been a *large university* student, and knowing that there are *large university* students that ride the *color-coded route of bus*, I didn’t appreciate her own rudeness and how the bus driver didn’t tell her to cool it and show some respect. I was so upset I was tempted to say “Oh, be nice!” and/or tell her to shut her yap but I didn’t want to be just as disrespectful so I kept it to myself. In a case like this, I would’ve loved it if the bus driver told her she was being rude, potentially even to other passengers. I would’ve even been cool with it if the bus driver took a proactive approach and said “You have some valid complaints. Direct them to this department at *large university* so they know that residents want more student/community respect.” I don’t know if the woman would handle it well, but I believe the bus drivers should be better at discouraging such statements/threats while providing an outlet for disgruntled residents to voice their concerns.

Note that any of the *-enclosed words are substitute phrases for locations, and I chose this because the investigation into my complain is ongoing.  It’s a respect thing.

When you write your statement of complaint, I recommend doing it when you’re angry but not explosively so. Feeding off your anger can motivate you to write and once you have a complete first draft then you can take a breather and cool off a bit before editing it for submission to the company.  I also recommend that when you are in better control of your emotions, add a sentence or two explaining what outcome you want from your disappointing or enraging situation.  The assumption behind writing a statement of complaint is that there’s something you want improved or done away with.  Be sure that you thoroughly explain what that change is, because whoever reads your complaint only knows what you’ve told them.  This is why you need to be in control of your emotions; you create a stronger complaint and the company/organization is more likely to understand what you want and hopefully follows through on it.

I will let you know up front that your statement of complaint will likely be an unpaid project.  Of course you can get creative and, like what I did, post it to a pay-per-post or ad-supported blog platform to make some additional money.  I highly recommend adding content to your post, such as explaining why you chose to write your statement of complaint in a certain way and going in-depth on the events that sparked it (if your statement of complaint didn’t already describe it in detail.  Even if you don’t get rich from writing a statement of complaint, I highly recommend doing it for the most frustrating experiences you have.


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One thought on “Writing a Statement of Complaint

  1. Wotta…old bag! “Drunk or hung over” sounds right. If sober she’d surely think, “I sound awfully insecure about being among all these Bright Young Things. Am I? If so, why don’t I just get out of the university neighborhood already?!” So what can anyone do but just try to keep out of her way. One day she’s bound to hit the bottom…hopefully not *right* at the end of the steps as youall are going to class.

    At my church school we tried to adopt people like that, and were encouraged to try, but some of them just aren’t adoptable.

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