Feeling Unread Again

I try to keep my gripes about blogging to my Blogging Blahs blog so that I can use Freelance Writing Whisperings for lively but semi-professional posts about blogging and other money-making opportunities.  Today I am making an exception, although not as much as you might think.  Part of blogging is dealing with the emotions associated with putting your story on the internet and when you put your heart into creating a meaningful narrative and then feeling like you’re not being heard/read.  I don’t believe we freelance bloggers describe it enough because when we do get around to writing “Being unread hurts” we preface it with “I don’t mean to sound whiny but…”

I am in a weird place blogging-wise because I enjoy it, I do, but sometimes when I’m unread I feel less inclined to stick with it.  On BlogJob, my blogging headquarters, I have been going on yet another hiatus from blogging.  The website was down for maintenance at least three days in a row and that certainly didn’t help, but even before then I was struggling to write.  If you already follow me, you know that I alternate among writing about quotes that I relate to or need to critique, book and movie reviews, and news of the day with lots of links (Linky Goodness as I have officially christened it).  I sometimes need to write about the “frivolous” so that I can prevent my blogs from being solely professional or pretentious.  All of my writing is “good” in some way; I don’t have plans to stop alternating my levels of seriousness.

My problem is that I don’t write about my day (unless it relates to something newsworthy).  I will not be telling you about my daily routine.  I will not be telling you that my cats are sticking their snoots in each other’s buttocks even though you would think they know each other by now.  I will not be telling you about the foods I’m debating about cooking (except in a brief status update).  I don’t think you care about any of that.  On BlogJob, the hot thing for my fellow users to write and read is blogs about someone’s daily routine.  Which is fine in its own right, don’t get me wrong, but it leaves those of us who write other content in a position of being unread.

Every new blogger is told “Find your niche!” so that they can attract readers who are interested in the same subject and maybe make blogger friends.  You know what we aren’t told?  Some niches are more popular than others and good luck being read if you choose an obscure niche!  Unfortunately, this is never mentioned because it’s assumed to be common sense.  Yeah?  If it’s common sense, why does it frustrate us freelance bloggers when we publish a timely, engaging article and…nothing comes of it?


Sweet face, sharp tongue, keyboard at the ready.

One thought on “Feeling Unread Again

  1. I feel the pain. My readership spiked up *almost* equal to the Blogspot’s, then dived with the recent site problems and pop-up ads! Oh well…I’m back, for now, and I remember you, and my beautiful tortie-calico Heather sends love. (Even along with the jealous envy she’d probably feel if she could think so far as “When the human spends whole days at the computer center, it doesn’t give anybody any snacks!” I don’t think she thinks that way though. She just had kittens and is one big fluffy wad of milky, vibrating love for the whole world.)

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