When a Good “Pffffft!” is in Order *Political*

In previous blog posts I have discussed comments that we (freelance writers/bloggers) like to give and receive and how to avoid becoming a “comment killer” on articles and social media.  These posts fall under the umbrella category of “Good Netiquette” and how to be a credible, respectable voice in interacting with fellow freelance writers/bloggers and social media users.  You may be wondering how to handle situations in which no matter how mature or on-point your responses to others are, you are dismissed and/or attacked.  This is going to be fun (not to mention that it’ll contain images and references related to politics and current events, so if you’re opposed to that then, well, you’re aware it’s coming)!

Have you ever been on a social network and saw comments as such?




The final comment is directly addressed to me.


When you are engaged in a heated hot topic conversation (which usually becomes an argument and then devolves into a flamewar), it’s challenging to hold your temper and not lash out.  Maybe you’re telling yourself “I’m going to handle this like the adult I am” over and over even as you’re smashing your fingers on the keyboard as you write a biting retort.  This is human nature.  Although “netiquette” is relatively new, humans have always struggled with controlling our responses to enraging situations.  While we could send our initial angry comment and feel good about it, here’s another suggestion.


And to see it in action:

Screenshot_2016-03-20-12-39-52-2Is it mature to respond with “Pffffft?”?  That’s going to be an eternal struggle.  You want to be the kind of commenter that is respected in the blogosphere and social media world and that requires offering well-written responses even under pressure.  “Pffffft!” isn’t well-written.  On the other hand, when you aren’t being heard because your fellow commenters aren’t interested in alternative perspectives and they only want to insult you, sometimes a good “Pffffft!” is in order.

Readers, have you ever given someone a “Pffffft!”?  How do you handle situations where you don’t know how to respond in a mature way?



Sweet face, sharp tongue, keyboard at the ready.

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