Whine, Whine, Whine: Yes or No?

If I didn’t create at least one blog for whining, I would be a downright unpleasant person.  You might call me an oversensitive entity in that I easily feel emotions and have a burning need to express said emotions or else I can’t move on with my life.  When I can’t express my pent-up emotions to a human in a face-to-face conversation, I turn to my dedicated gripe blog.  It is amazing how physically freeing it is to write down everything in my mind (even if it’s not the quality blogging I usually pride myself on).  In some cases I have felt a literal weight off my body and in other cases I feel my body cool down once my emotions (usually “ragey”) are out in the world.  If you’ve never experienced it yourself, the best way to describe it is that it just feels good.  That said, I have been wondering if having a blog devoted to gripes (or, as I said in my title, for whine, whine, whining) is appropriate for a self-proclaimed professional freelance blogger.

The additional positives to keeping a dedicated blog (or two, three, four…) are:

  • As bloggers are still humans and need a place to blow off steam, the gripes blog is a good outlet.  If we’re going to be updating our blogs anyway, it’s so convenient to switch from a more hard-hitting blog to our personal blog.
  • Writing a gripe blog post is another style of writing.
  • The gripes blog shows a more “real” side of the blogger.  We get to be more open in how we write our blog post because gripes don’t have to be perfect or polished.

All these qualities are legitimate.  If I had to pick one positive that can persuade a skeptical reader to be in favor of keeping a dedicated grips blog, it would be that the gripe blog post is another style of writing.  I’m sure we were taught in various English classes that when we write, we need to tailor it (our writing style) to our audience.  The gripe blog post is a more casual style and our audience is the general public.  More people can relate to a gripe post than a niche-based post, so as the blogger we get to practice our more casual, conversational style.

That said, there are compelling reasons that we professional bloggers should carefully consider if having a gripes blog is a good idea.

  • Some readers may not care to sort through blogs to find or avoid the dedicated gripes blog.  If we are consistent in the blogs we maintain, our readers will trust reading new blogs by us.  It can throw them if we are known for niche-based blogs and then suddenly we start a gripes blog.
  • Some people really don’t like reading gripes.  We run the risk of alienating potential readers.
  • Some people like reading gripes as long as they aren’t personal gripes.  News aggregates run into this when some of the content is one person’s experience and opinions about something.  Readers will comment “Why is this even published?  Nobody cares what some random woman (usually, although men are not immune) thinks!”

I like keeping one dedicated gripes blog in addition to a personal quotes and responses blog and I would recommend all professional bloggers do the same.  What are your thoughts on this?


Sweet face, sharp tongue, keyboard at the ready.

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