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    This is a question that I have mostly for people who grow zucchinis, but also for those who eat them. Do you always harvest/buy those that are only the recommended 6 inches long?

    I ask because I routinely let most of my zucchinis grow to a couple of feet in length before harvesting them. I find that if I core them, I can use them in any way I’d use the smaller ones, but I have much more zucchini to work with, regardless of the recipe.

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    Somehow–it’s not as if they *had* all that much *flavor*–they seem to taste, or feel in the mouth, or whatever it is they do, more boring as they grow bigger. They’re a food most people seem to feel tired of fast, even if picked while small. They’re apparently quite nutritious (is producing a sense of satiety what they do?), even if allowed to grow big.

    I do eat them. Sometimes I even like them.

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      @priscillaking, I love zukes and never tire of them, because there are so many ways to fix them. Among my favorites are Zucchini Parmesan, batter fried, zucchini-mushroom bake, fried zucchini and zucchini boats. We also use zucchini to make sweet relish and mock pineapple. I use them to make zucchini chips (a healthier alternative to potato chips) and it is one of the fruits that I run through the juicer. 😀

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    They can go from 6″ to 2′ overnight! If you remove the seeds from the large ones, you can cook the same as small. I make a chicken and rice stuffing for the large ones and pop into a hot oven to roast. The large ones can also be grated and frozen for later use in zucchini bread, muffins or pancakes.

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      @irenen1, I haven’t tried them with chicken & rice stuffing. That sounds like a great idea! I do make a lot of zucchini bread. In fact, I bake a half dozen loaves of the diabetic version (with dried cranberries and currants) for our pastor every year. He’s a diabetic and he loves my zucchini bread.

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