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      Do you have/had any? the result?

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      Jeanette Hall

      I planned on becoming an astronaut when I was little. Tried to enter the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs as a means to that goal. Got a congress person from my state to offer me an appointment there, but was only 17 upon graduating from high school. So, my parents would have to sign for me to be able to attend at such a young age. They refused, won 2 different scholarships to two different state schools. Took the farthest away from where I was living. While in my freshman year there discovered that there was absolutely no way I could be an astronaut due to my lack of height. Am only 5′ 1″. Needed a few more inches to be tall enough. So I followed in my God parent’s footsteps and studied computer science.

      Was a very successful network engineer for years until struck with sever multiple sclerosis attack that took away my ability to walk. Try chasing a wiring mess from a wheelchair, doesn’t work!

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      I had many life plans but none of them I have achieved. It is not always as you wish it to be. I go one way, and my life goes the other way. Sotry of my life.

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      I want happiness. What do you want in your life?

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      I dreamed about becoming a judge but sadly seems that one way or another this wasn’t meant for me

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      I wished to become a doctor but ended up performing badly in relevant subjects thus the dream was shut up.

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      I did not have any plan to be anybody. I just wanted to have a job like others.

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