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      Genevia Cameron

      As freelance champions we take on the brunt of the blow of creating content on topics beyond this world, making the ever so boring seem intriguing and painting new worlds with our words but what are your favorite contnet tools? I personally like to use Grammerly and a word count tool to make sure I’m on the up and up. What tools do you use?

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      I am used to writing freely in my word documents, since it helps in correcting my English, I have never bothered to use those writing tools online.

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      I sometimes use ginger .

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      Stephanie C

      I avoid the online writing tools. I’ve lost too many pieces half way through, and had to start over. So I’d rather just use a Word document.

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      I use Grammarly, but will use anyh number of grammar checkers for long articles.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I am using Daily Writing. It gives me a daily dose of grammar corrections and ideas. I just saved all in my email.

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