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      Wendy Rahilly

      How many writing sites are you working on? I myself have one content mill which is my regular paying job, one private client which I’ve just recently started picking up extra work for and a handful of revenue sharing writing sites. Count in places like ChatAbout and BlogJob too. It keeps me busy! 🙂

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      Genevia Cameron

      I personally write for over 50 sites, provide graphic design services, social media management for 8 clients and 4 customer service jobs. I do alot because I feel that multitasking is required when you work from home. There is always that push to make atleast 4 times what you could have made working outside of the home because you want to go far and beyond just ” making it”. What content mill do you write for? I’d be happy to post a few of mine here as well. 🙂

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        I know the feeling as well, at some point I made jewelry, wrote, did graphic design and transcription, and basically everything possible. I am also writing a fiction book to one day sell on Kindle…But I do want to simply my life one day soon, it’s a lot to keep track of.

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