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      Writers need something to put them together.We know each and everyone from in the writing fraternity. We need a cooperative of writers.Don’t you think so?

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      @ruby3881 has started a facebook cooperative page of the same.You can begin by joining @zaza

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      @ruby3881 has started a facebook cooperative page of the same.You can begin by joining @azaz

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      When I read your initial post I was going to ask you what you had in mind, @stbrians. Thank you for plugging my Facebook group! I’m not sure we’re quite set up to provide a network such as you suggest, but I will definitely raise the suggestion in the group.

      I would want to weed the group out and clean up some of the posts after our recent kerfuffle with Seraphic Insights before we open the group to new members, however. And I can suggest that there are some groups here on BlogJob that are about Web Writing. You might want to check those out as well 🙂

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      Good point. WE need to look out for each other.

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      @ruby3881 I find this site quite interesting and I have not fully participated in it.Sorry about the turn of events in SI.I could not comment as my phone does not allow my commenting on fb. That group is great! @angela welcome

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      There are few groups on Facebook that are very good for writers, and yes I agree we writers must keep together,e special we who are working online.

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      @lejla1311 This one of @ruby3881 is very good. I hope it develops into something bigger

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        Kyla Matton Osborne

        For now, Meshack, that group is closed to new members. I do have a Web Writers Co-op group on Facebook, for those who are sincere in their desire to commit to developing their writing skills and/or their English proficiency. That group is now open to new members.

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      Am positive it will develop.Thank God am already a member @ruby3881

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        Kyla Matton Osborne

        I’d actually prefer you not mention that specific group in public anymore, @stbrians. Given that we are still processing what happened at SI, it must remain a closed group in order to feel like a safe place.

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      that´s a good idea. A writers cooperative is good.

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      @listowill That is the more reason we should be together as one. @ruby3881 I agree with you @thelma I feel we all need this

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      @listowill There have long been restrictions on writers who are not in the US. As a Canadian, there are many sites that would not accept me despite the fact that I have a PayPal account and English is my first language.

      I do understand sites wanting to only use one payment system, though I am always pleased to see that a site accommodate users who cannot access PayPal.

      As far as other restrictions, I feel that as long as an author can write well in English, it shouldn’t matter where he is located. What should matter more than the author’s location is the population that the author is targeting.

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