Would reducing the minimum cashout threshold improve blogjob trust rate online?

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      Based on what I have gathered from some online discussion forums, some users couldn’t join blogjob due to high cashout threshold. Some claim that the high cashout threshold is one of the main features in online scams, thus they are skeptical about getting paid upon reaching the cashout threshold and requesting for payment.

      What do you think?

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      As long as payment proofs keep streaming in on the forum, people will know that the site is trustworthy.

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      I agree with Ross there. Maybe creating snapshots of our payments & putting them out there may help. I do wish that there was a slightly lower payment threshold though. It’s a shame that there are other scam sights that have caused others to be so skeptical. I’m glad there is at least on legit blogging site that rewards you (Blogjob). If only more people would try it out.

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      I think we are trying to build a long term relationship, so it does not matter that high cash out as long as people like us maintain the core support for the site.

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      yes, 5000 points take a long time to earn…more than a month! reducing cashout threshold will encourage more people to join.

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      Tobi Richard

      you can withdraw through coinbase and convert it!

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      Definitely. A lot of sites set a high payout and then by the time most people can reach it the website is no longer (if they were before) paying. Smaller payouts make more people join because it feels achievable even if you don’t spend hours on the website every day and even if you don’t manage to bring a lot of referrals.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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