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      How do you workout?

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      I like to use apps on my phone to do yoga work outs or those 7 minute workouts. And of course youtube videos are great too. I like working out at home or incorporating exercise in my daily routine like walking up the stairs, etc.

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      Yvanne Garcia

      I do zumba. 😀

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      I do push ups every morning

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      i have not experienced any work outs.

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      Yvanne Garcia

      I do zumba

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      With my mouth and one workout accessory: fork. Okay, I lied a fork AND spoon! Ha. Ha. Ha.

      I’m only kidding, although I really have gone a bit crazy this week with the sweets — chocolate covered cherries really take a hold on me this time of year. My significant other happened to bring me 3 boxes 2 days ago. LOL No, not 1, not 2, but THREE. And I’m almost ashamed to say it, but…

      Guess how many boxes are left?

      2. And I’ve already started on the second box. Yikes!

      I was just telling the other Kendra here (Kendralala), on the discussion about healthy and unhealthy snacks that I have been crazy with my cravings this week. & During this time of year, I’m normally putting down the egg-nog like it’s going out of season (lol, ‘cus it IS!) but unfortunately, this area has forgotten egg-nog is the whole reason for winter even existing!

      Krystals & McDonald’s usually have an egg-nog milkshake (Krystals’ shake totally kill the McDonalds’ one though, but I’d take ANY right now) and none of them have even carried the egg-nog shakes yet! 🙁

      The ONLY egg-nog I’ve had is Evan Williams egg-nog and I really ain’t a fan of alcoholic egg-nog. Doesn’t settle well on my stomach at all, but I was pretty desperate for some egg-nog!

      Anyways, let me just get off my egg-nog rant and get back on topic. My deepest apologies for that unnecessary rant…

      I do exercise 6 days a week. It was 7, but I decided to take 1 day off on the weekends, so that it doesn’t get in the way of my nights I get to spend with my S/O. I do them on work nights and all throughout the rest of the weekend, except one night (Fri. or Sat. depending on our work schedules and how much of the night we will get to spend together before having to sleep!)

      My absolute favorite way to exercise is using my fitness pole! The workout you get from climbing and spinning is next to nothing. It literally has me certain that I’ll die sometimes. Lol. I used to practice on a regular basis, but with the work load changes that have taken place for me this last year, I had to cut back 🙁

      I have this ab product thingy called the Body Shaping System (I think. At least that’s what the bars on it say.) I have used this thing for years! My minimum is 200 on my abs each day & 40 squats. I typically aim for 40 squats and 40 lunges, while tossing in a few kickbacks here and there, a couple of deep-breathing yoga poses and 50 randomly chosen exercises. The 50 randoms are just to keep the routine from getting to boring. 😉 Some days it’ll be exercise focusing on my rear, other days my obliques.

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