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      What is your reason behind blogging?

      I blog because I love helping people & sharing advice so blogging let’s me do that. I also enjoy networking & promoting which is another great aspect to blogging. I need the money too so that is such a great thing as well. So in love with blogjob! 🙂

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      I started blogging to help people be informed on living a healthier life. I also enjoy helping business owners build their businesses, which is why I blog for few businesses’ around time. (It’s good money too). I studied marketing in school, and enjoy it, especially Digital Marketing, it’s my passion. 🙂

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      I started blogging for therapy for myself. I guess in a way I’m still doing that. When I’m honest about how I feel, I am allowing others to be honest about their own feelings. last night an FB friend messaged me and told me that what I had written about Depression made her feel like she wasn’t alone as much as she had been feeling. we chatted for awhile and she thanked me for my honesty. It was an amazing feeling. It’s also helped my mom and I get through some issues. Writing and blogging is amazing. Getting paid pushes me to do it daily or nearly daily. I have many half finished journals.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I blog because I want other to know things and to help others out. I also blog for money and because I like sharing my own information with people.

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      Anne Farmer

      I blog because it is a good way to make money but also it gets my innermost feeling out and “heard” whereas where I’m living now I’m not allowed to express my feelings that I might have in some ways.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I blog to earn, because I only know how to earn through writing, expressing my thoughts that is why I love blogging site that share their revenue.

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      Andria Perry

      I write for money, If I was not making money I would sure to be in trouble because I would not have rules and I could do the soap opera in the neighborhood drama writing that made me famous to hate 🙂

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      I blog because it’a great outlet. While here at BlogJob we do it as well to earn what we love.

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      Please pardon me for being straight forward but I do it for making points and then converting into cents, if you don’t mind my saying so.

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      I was looking for a platform o express myself and to interact with others. The payment was an added charm. So, I started blogging.

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