Which is harder to raise a boy or a girl?

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      My little boy can be a handful at times. I have some friends that have little girls that seem like little angels so it kind of makes me wonder which would be easier to raise a boy or a girl.

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      Tough question! I guess it depends on how you parent because among the nieces and nephews — all of which have lived with us on and off — I have, it varies. I must say, though, it seems like girls are “harder.” My mom has always thought so (she had 3 of us, me and my twin and an older sister). It’s the attitudes I see in my nieces that gets me and makes me think they’re a bit tougher to handle. The boys haven’t ever had any attitude problems to be dealt with. But, then again, they have their own, too. Goodness! I am not sure I know which are harder. At times, it seems like they all are.

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      I feel very grateful to have 2 boys. My best friend is raising 2 girls and I feel like I have it easier as far as feelings and emotions go. The house is messier with my boys though! Another friend’s teen daughter is mouthy as heck and she is so dramatic all the time. My teen boy is a little quieter than I’d like and he has moments of attitude too, but he seems easier to handle

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      Emily Hargrove

      I don’t know if I really have enough experience to weigh in on this yet (my only child is a boy and he’s only a year old), but I’d think that a girl would be harder. Girls tend to be more emotional, more dramatic, they’re more likely to get into arguments and disputes with their friends, you’ve got boyfriends coming and going around the house, they seem to need a lot more than boys (clothes, shoes, nailpolish, makeup, etc)… I know that I gave my parents a much harder time than my brother did. My brother was a lot more passive and easier to please than I was.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I would have to say a girl. I have both a boy and girl and my daughter is way harder to raise and she is younger than my son as well.

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      I dont know honestly i bet both have advantages and disadvantages hoping to find out though and keeping my fingers crossed that i am

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      Stephanie C

      I think boys and girls both have their difficult moments and their easy moments… each child is an individual, so you can’t really choose a gender that’s “easier” to raise.

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      It is hard to tell, to my own experience as I was growing up… I made every mess and my mum tolerated everything. She did whatever she could to shape up my life.. I am happy that I later changed.

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      I think it’s much harder to raise a boy.

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      The girl is harder to raise when it comes to financial needs, fashionable clothing,upkeep, sanitary pads and etc.

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      If you asked my folks, they would tell you girls are a nightmare. Actually, they’d probably say any very young child is a nightmare. I was (still am!) very independent-minded and did not follow directions exactly like I was told. I was a wailer, not continuously but about the weirdest things. For example, the first time I went swimming in the local pool, I started wailing when my mom said it was time to go and she had to carry me out to the car because otherwise I would run away from her and back to the pool. Actually, I’m still a wailer about certain things, but at least I can justify it now. I mean, how would you feel if all of your goals were shattered?

      Oh, and let’s talk about correct sitting positions when wearing skirts. When I was little I used to love skirts and dresses because they were so freeing to play in. I also saw nothing wrong with setting on a chair with my legs wide open because kids don’t think about the implications of doing so. I can’t count the number of times my mom would be like “Skirt” and gesture towards me until I crossed them. I’m still guilty of sitting in the wrong way but in my defense, there is no way to sit comfortably in a skirt and I do it because it’s the most comfortable way possible. Anyway, I’m usually chilling at the house. It’s not like our two cats are going to be offender by, um, upskirt scenery. Also, I don’t wears skirts and such that often because, well, comfort over style.

      I honestly think if I had been a boy, the only things they would have to work on is leashing aggression and being too strong for my own good. I would think boys would be much easier. Plus, you could save a bunch of money with boys because as they get older, it’s not like they have to buy bras and feminine hygiene products and potentially contraceptives. I probably spend a good $500 a year on undergarments and hygiene products, so there’s that frustration.

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      i am not yet a mom.. but i will be by january. this forum gave me tips and ideas.. thank you everyone and im so sorry for sharing nothing.. :d

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      It differ on parents, environment of family and how the members of family treat. For me my niece is so good, nice and she only smiles or maybe she is just a baby 🙂

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