Which has been your best earning site so far?

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    My best earning site so far has been bubblews. It was my first online earning site and I earned the maximum there.

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    me too, so far its the defunct bubblews gave me most of money, but gone are the days of bubblews

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    I am going to give a philosophical answer here.

    Though Bubblews paid best when it was alive, for me Helium was the best site ever because it taught me how to write articles in a professional way. Members there were very supportive and there was a Critique Forum where we could post our articles and other people told us how we can improve our work.

    My first language is not English but after joining Helium, I was able to teach myself to think in English and increase my writing speed.

    The site that truly enriched me was Helium. As I always say, not everything can be measured in cents and dollars:)

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    @dawnwriter you are right! money is not everything. I lost close to 600$ when bubblews stopped paying but I still consider it my best site because it introduced me to the world of online writing. I made some very good friends there with whom i am still in touch via facebook.

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    Mine was Associated Content-or Yahoo Voices-I wrote for that site for about 6 years and made around $1100 with upfront payments and monthly performance. It may have been a little more.

    BlogJob, even with the suspension of reward-I can see passing that amount in a shorter period of time, maybe with 4 years.

    Plus this site was my introduction to online writing and helped me develop my skill. I say my writing has improved over the years.

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    Pinay Blogger

    I started writing from Bubblews too. But to date, the BEST writing site I joined with from 2012 to 2016 is bitLanders. Not only because of earnings I received but I learned how to use Bitcoin, creating video, proper tagging, etc. For me, bitLanders is fair enough to pay users base on QUALITY of their contents.

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    @pinayblogger How much are you able to earn from Bitlanders per month?

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    Pinay Blogger

    @iyanpol12 I earned $100 plus when I post 2-3 contents (video, blog or gallery) for review weekly there. We earn more if we receive 5/5 star ratings.

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    Fifi Leigh

    the best one for me was probably bubblews. i just joined MyKites to check it out. but i dont know how much that site earns.

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    The best site was Bubblews but I lost USD$400 because they refused to pay me.

    2nd best site is Blogjob, had been getting my payment promptly, very satisfied with it.

    3rd site is Hubpages, I had been there for 6 year, still getting my payment automatically when the min payout reaches.

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