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      Petula Glave

      The first ever recorded sufferer of Celiac disease over 2000 years ago when the case came to the attention of Cosa who revealed a skeleton of a first century woman who was found at an archaelogical site of Cosa(Italy).

      In 250 A.D. Aretaeus of Cappaolicia referred to patients who suffer with the disease as “Koiliakos” which meant “suffering in the bowels” in which in 1856 the word became translated from Greek to English by Frances Adams as Celiac/Coeliac disease.

      The disease as explained in an earlier blog is simply ,Gluten is a protein and affects the immune system by damaging the finger-like ‘Vili’, the hair like structures of the lining of the small intestine thus causing inflammation. When these become damaged the body cannot absorb nutrients that the body needs to survive, so people who are affected became malnourished (lose body mass rapidly if not treated.)

      The easiest form of treatment is not medication just simply eating a gluten free diet. Any dietitian will gladly help by you following a layed out menu to follow.

      There are numerous websites you can use to read updated information on the topic such as; http://www.bsg.org.uk, http://www.celiaccentral.org, http://www.niddk.nlh.gov, http://www.nhs.uk

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      If you take gluten free diet, There will be no coeliac disease.

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      Petula Glave

      The answer is not that simple. It is not all doom and gloom as I said before. Even top athletes are going gluten free so they can lead a healthy life style for the love of sport.

      The reason why I have brought the subject to attention is that how this little protein we call gluten can and does destroy children and adults lives if it is not detected and treated as soon as possible.

      How I was disturbed in firstly, not knowing anything about the disease until a family member was diagnosed with the disease. But, then looking in supermarkets looking out for gluten free products and stood back in amazement when only two shelves out of the entire store catered for gluten free products, in which may I add costs double the amount to buy than normal gluten products.

      But, with the proper professional help you can find delicious meals out there for gluten free customers.

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