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      I started out blogging when I was 13 on Livejournal. I have never claimed to be an amazing writer or even good at spelling and grammar but to me it didn’t matter to me as long as I got out what I was feeling.

      When/Where/Why did you start blogging?

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      I started blogging almost the reason for you, only just to express my feelings about my belief. I felt like I had to share the idea that science and faith are not enemies and I came across so much discoveries and satisfying answers that everything just makes more sense to me. There’s nothing wrong with sharing that!

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      I first started to blog as a journal type of entry to express my feelings…I think it was Blogger. I didn’t really keep up with that all too much..then I started an Internet business and the leaders would say Blogging was a great way for Marketing your business online, building a brand. I thought long and hard at what brand I wanted to create for myself, and then I discovered my true passion was Nutrition and helping others eat right and live healthier, so thats when I started my Beauty Within Blog about a year ago, using WordPress. When I found this site, I kinda transferred the blog to here, so I can earn additional money…

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      I recently started blogging. I always had a passion for writing but it was buried deep beneath working, going to school and basically doing everything but what I am passionate about. Now I decided to follow my heart and my dreams, do the things I want to do. So even though I knew nothing about blogging, I decided to learn and do it anyways and I love it. I love writing, it has made me become my built in best friend. And sharing my writing with the world is my way of connecting to people.

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      I am starting to blog because I like to write, and I “hear” you can make money doing it. I am not working right now because I have three school aged children who can not quite take care of themselves, and a five month old. So needless to say childcare would be far too expensive, especially considering my infant is a special needs baby. So that is why I am giving this a shot 🙂

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      I started blogging to promote my new show coming out in the fall 2014. The show is about my opinions on NBA BASKETBALL, it’s easier to do that kind of stuff in NY. But first write out your ideas about your favorite hobby and try to put on TV, youtube or even public access channel.

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      I started blogging in Fall 2013. A project in one of my Professional Writing classes at Purdue required me to do a blog as a semester project. I just did the blog on blogger.com and it followed the Purdue Equestrian Team(which I am a member of) through our season for that semester. I didn’t end up maintaining that blog after the semester ended but I found that I really enjoyed blogging and I sought out to find a blogging opportunity where I could potentially make money on it. That’s how I found this site!

      Although it hasn’t been updated since December, my first blog is still online. It’s called A Look Into Competitive Horse Showing Through The Eyes Of An Equestrian. Here is the link to the first post: https://kcazenave.blogspot.com/2013/09/start-of-new-season.html
      Feel free to check out the blog and let me know what you think!

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      My very first first blog ever came as a necessary therapy for myself when I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression after having my 2nd son. I worked through so much on that blog, it pretty much saved me.

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      I think your reason for blogging is a really therapeutic one! To get your voice out there. I love that about bloggers — that they seem to normally be happy to share and share opinions, too. It’s something that allows you to get personal and everything & I always enjoyed connecting with those kinds of bloggers, too.

      I began 4 years ago, mostly because at the time, I was taking classes for college credits in writing and among the materials I had, blogging was mentioned as a great way to get your writing work out there without having to tailor every piece to a specific markets requirements. It paid off for me bigger than anything and even exposed me to other amazing jobs and opportunities that are very rare! Love blogging!

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      Amalthea Hustles

      I’ve been blogging since I was about 12 years old. LiveJournal had become a thing, and I still write there, though it’s not very populated.

      I’m a writer. The way I deal with the world is I write about it. I like to organize and chronicle my thoughts and feelings through writing, and I like to share that writing with people.

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      I originally started blogging on xanga when I was 16 using it as a journal because my Mom would read my diaries.

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      What made you start blogging?

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      Simona Abdi

      I’ve started recently blogging. Why? I’ve seen a lot of comments on other writing websites talking about the opportunity of earning money through personal blog. Till now I didn’t earn something, but experience. 🙂

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      Grecy Garcia

      I started blogging when I became aware of how to do it. I started to register with Blogger dot com and I just do what others do, sharing personal stuffs, inspirational stories, travel, foods, food reviews anything that I can write based on my basic English.

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      A pen friend dragged me kicking and screaming into cyberspace by transferring her “newsletters” to web sites. For a few years all I read online, when not paid to sort and file other people’s e-mail, etc., was her web sites. Then she became “Ozarque” of Live Journal fame and demonstrated that interesting people were carrying on interesting e-conversations. I started writing for a content site and reading that blog if I had time. Then I lost the content farm job around the time Ozarque stopped blogging, so I set up the “Cat Sanctuary” LJ and then my own Blogspot blog, just to keep the world aware of my writing talent 🙂 Paid writing jobs have come along, however scarce and poorly paid. Then last week @rusty2rusty invited me over here…I’m hoping it really does pay! It’s about time the book reviews and Link Logs paid off.

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      Ya I did it originally for privacy. Then because I love writing. After that it became about sharing knowledge & thoughts while also earning money.

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      2 days ago, I am still a noob to this, but its kinda fun.

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