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      The Writing Mama

      A starving, shivering little black kitten was found in our driveway (it’s mama is feral) so I took it in and got it all fixed up. He’s loving life as a spoiled indoor cat. I have been struggling coming up with a name for him though. I’m kind of a nerd and usually pull names from shows and books that I like. I have considered Azog (from The Hobbit) and trying out Remy (from DC Comics), but I am just not sure. Would love something from Arrow or Once Upon A Time or Doctor Who.
      Any suggestions? What are your pets’ names?

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      my pet dog’s name is doodle. i earlier had a pomerian named bonzo.

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      My pets name is Angus. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.

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      I used to have a cat called “yellow tail”

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      my cat name is OUT, a 15 year old cat which is spayed. We had to yell her OUT because she keeps coming into our house. My son is allergic to cat fur, dust and smoke, he has rhintisis

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      The Writing Mama

      Very cute names, everyone!

      We decided on Zim (Zimmy) as in Invader Zim for the new kitten. I also have two dogs – Vegas and Ella. I have a paint pony named Penny and a Gypsy Horse named Lil’ Shirefighter (Lily). She was attacked by a Shire stallion when she was just a year old hence the name.

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      My pet’s name was Bantay (Guard). I don’t have a pet now.

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      Of course you heard of Freya, the Catblog Cat. She is real Tabby and my great friend. We live together and blogging keeps cat food in the dish. She is Freya because she was named that by the human who gave her to us at about a year old. It seemed unfair to confuse her by changing it.

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      Our dog’s name now is WOLVERINE! Ironic isn’t it?! My older brother gave him that name because that time when the dog stepped in, he was reviewing X-MEN series

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      Grecy Garcia

      My friend’s name are Totoy, Tutay, Pokwang, Kimoy and Gelo. These are all Dogs. My cat’s name are Shiver, Kulet, Luna, Lyka, Puti, Berto, Tigress, Mojacko and the three kittens. As of now they do not have names. All in all I have 16.

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      I have a beautiful siberian husky named Sasa and a rotweiller mix name Fue, I love them both SO MUCH!

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