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      I’m curious what everyone would view as a perfect romantic date. Care to share yours? Maybe it’s a date you’ve had before with a lover, or just an idea of what your perfect romantic date would be like. What kind of events or activity would you enjoy doing the most with a loved one, and as a date?

      Would you go some place special? Out to a favorite restaurant, movies, maybe hiking? Or something unique?

      Me & my S/O are always trying to think up new events and activities we could do for fun experiences together. In the small area where we live, and being together for 8 years, we’ve covered most all the basics like fun restaurants and movies. There isn’t a whole lot of events or big activities here, though. I have been wanting to go gem hunting so badly! I wish our area had places to do that. It’d be so fun to go digging for cool gems we could keep. I think that’d make a fun “date.”

      But it’d be great to have some fresh ideas. I’ve read pretty much every single article on the topic of dating and ideas for dating over the years, and I tend to not love the ideas. They’ve come to bore me! lol. The movies, we’re just so over that. New places to dine is always fun, but I kind of need something that allows for more action or activity. So of course I thought it’d be great to ask you all here what you love doing as a date.

      My idea of the perfect date would include doing something fun outdoors, at the moment anyways. That has been my mood lately — the need for outdoor activity. Probably because I know summer is coming to an end, so I’m kind of panicking on the inside (wanting to get out and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before it’s too cold.) I’ve also been hoping to ward off the feelings of depression that I’ve felt recently, so outdoor fun is feeling like a must for me lately.

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      Kimberly Brown

      Dinner and a movie is always great in my opinion that is what I like to do.

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      Just a short time date to make me not to be bored with my partner is okay and full of surprises too

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      I get along pretty well with my boyfriend when we’re not both depressed or super stressed. Mostly any time spent with him feels like a romantic date – we usually go get lunch, or dinner, or some coffee and dessert. Sometimes we go see a movie. The past week we’ve just been hanging out at his house, working on his art project, and it still somehow felt like a date! Haha.

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      To me a “perfect date” is where both parties have a good time together and enjoy the moment. It shouldn’t matter if its at a fast-food joint, a park, or a fancy restaurant. All that should matter is spending quality time with one another. This no one can take away from you and should be forever cherished.
      Even if you go to the same restaurant over and over, it can still be “perfect”. Do you order the same thing? Try something new to spice things up!

      I once fantasized about my “dream date”, but realized what I fantasized about wasn’t in line with reality.

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      Stephanie C

      One of my favorite dates my hubby planned was a short road trip and a picnic. We drove out into the country listening to music and talking. Then, he had a picnic dinner in the trunk, complete with a cozy blanket and pillows. I loved every minute of it. 🙂

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      Gil Guerrero

      I guess mine is full of cliches. A nice table with a couple of candles, very low environmental light and a nice romantic music on the background. A bottle of sparkling wine with a nice Italian dinner in a balcony watching the stars, just letting it flow.

      . Your story sounded great! I guess I’ll take notes of it, lol!

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      Love all your responses, everyone! Thank ya’ll for your thoughtful replies.

      Gil, I have to admit, that’s a lot of my perfect date ideas too! Lol. Can’t help it. 😉 I LOVE watching the sky. I got my S/O a telescope last Christmas & we often go out at night and take a look at the moon and stars & wow, is it really amazing! It can be the perfect start to a nice date. 😉

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      Probably going to a nice restaurant and having some exotic foods and also doing something new and exciting.

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      Having a meal, walking hand in hand by the seaside, that is about as romantic as it can be for me.

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