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      I just thought about this, and I figured it would be a good topic to put here, too. Anytime someone asks you to share or think about the things you love most about you, it seems like it perks people up. It’s really great when you have a reminder of the things that you really love about yourself, and it kind of puts us in a positive mood, in my opinion, anyways. So, since I’ve been working so hard at focusing on only the good (only focusing on that which you want to see because when you do, it brings more of that into your experience. The words of Abraham Hicks), I thought it would be useful to other people too.

      So, let’s hear what you love about you. It can be anything, as long as you love it! And yes, honesty is fully allowed. 😉 Despite what we’ve been taught, it’s okay (and good, actually) to know and appreciate what about yourself you like. It’s hard, I know! But, try it. See if you can’t even try to find one more thing you love (or can love) about you that you’ve not noticed or appreciated before.

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      What a great question. Don’t forget to answer it too!

      Let’s see I think what I love about myself is that I know exactly who I am and I no longer apologize for it

      I love that I am a thoughtful friend.

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      Its the part of me having that great sense of humor is what I love most about myself.That I easily get along well with other people,just so love sharing some happy thoughts 🙂

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      Amalthea Hustles

      I love my thirst for knowledge, and my idealism, and my ability to adapt.

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      AW! Ya’ll, those are all such great qualities! I loved reading them. 😉

      Ah, Pegasus! Lol. I didn’t think it would be noticed that I did not answer myself. Lol. I will though… I like that I’m kind hearted — hugely kind hearted. I can find a spot for even the most nasty person. Lol. Sometimes it doesn’t serve me that well, but it usually is a good thing for others. I’m sympathetic, sometimes even highly empathetic (good and sometimes a bit much for me to handle, though). I like that I try to be as totally honest and transparent as possible to most people.

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      I love that eventhough my life situation isn’t anywhere near where I want it to be, I still have time and energy to help someone else/others reach their goals.

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