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      What do you guys write about? Like what’s the best topic to write about on here to get views?

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      So far I have just been looking at the topics or posts already made and when I see something I have an opinion on, I make a post – the way I did this one.

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        Did you mean to have a link in there? I couldn’t get to it…

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      I am new here as well. I am hoping to make just some extra income to help pay down credit card bills and build a savings. Any tips that anyone can share?

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      Read about any topic you’re interested, research in all details and then WRITE with calm and concentration.

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      I had the same question in my mind for years. But I always knew I wanted to be a blogger. I first started by blogging about my own life. If something good happened, I would post it on my blog. It was a good start and helped me get into a habit of writing regularly. Don’t share too personal details though, be careful what you put online.
      Another great idea will be to blog about something you really like, for me it is online marketing and Fashion.
      I think you could get help from the post I recently wrote.
      Check it out over here 🙂
      3 Steps to Blogger Success

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      Write about things that interests you! This usually works.

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      I’m new to this site but I usually write about things that I enjoy, or interest me. Writing about things that are enjoyable to you will make it more fun!

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      Amber R.

      I’m really new to this site, but I think it helps to just write about what interests you. Emotions help to channel motivation and get me writing. That’s for sure!

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      As for what to write about, if you’re having trouble finding a topic to write or start a blog about, here are some of the things I think are most helpful:

      *Note: If you check the thread here titled “Writer’s Block” you’ll probably find some helpful info there. I’ve mentioned these sources of coming up with topics as well as others there in that thread too.

      Here we go…
      1. Find your passions, if you don’t already know them. What do you love? What brings you the most joy in the world? Do you travel? Take photographs? Are there hobbies you love? Look at the things you love doing for inspiration. Whatever you love doing, there’s a good chance there’s people out there who are willing and happy to read about it whether it’s beautiful nature photographs or photos along with some written text about your hobbies and projects.

      Hobby-blogging that offers 1 of these 2 things, I’ve found are really popular: 1. Inspirational photos of your projects or your inspiration or 2. Something the reader can use. Offer information that readers need. Even better if you combine the both of those things. A laid back style is always relaxing to readers. For example, I started a crochet blog here on BlogJob because 1. I spend so much of my spare time doing it and 2. Because I feel like I have inspiration and information to lend readers. There were billions of crochet blogs on the web already, but when I considered that I had a few tricks up my sleeve that I could offer my crochet readers, along with continuous free patterns, I knew a crochet blog was for me. Also, sometimes I can just post images of the projects I’m working on as a source of inspiration to other crocheters. It combines style/fashion with hobby and information. If you can find a topic that allows you to share all those things, you’re set!

      2. Something that brings out emotion in you. Some cause or issue or thing that fires you up. An opinion you may have. That is one of the best “cures” for writer’s block, too. Any time you can come up with something that fires you up, brings tears to your eyes or just chaps your behind, the writing will come naturally & the readers will too. People love opinion pieces, and even more so when the opinion/topic you’re discussing is an opinion they share and can relate to. That’s one thing I learned when I took classes for writing — that any topic that brings emotion out in people will make them intrigued enough to read on.

      So, if you’re courageous enough, tackle a controversial issue. Believe me, once you find one that you can share your “side” to, you’ll find many more and eventually, people come to want your opinion. Take the blogs based on feminist issues/causes. Why do you think they’re so huge? Because they do two things: they piss people off (some people), and they liberate others. Therefore these blogs gain two types of readers, doubling their traffic because the folks who hate their opinions still come back for more!

      You don’t have to piss people off, though. You can share your “side” of certain stories/issues (focus on topics already in the media, share your side of it and you’re sure to gain readership) without doing that. Just make sure you respect everybody’s “side” and you’re good.

      If you think about it, almost all of us have something that just fires us up. We all want to change something in the world we live in. What better way than to spread awareness, or share a perspective that most people may have totally missed. Some examples might be: death sentence (what’s your stance and why do you feel that way? Is there something the world is missing when they decide on what route to take when it comes to sentencing prisoners to death? Perhaps you feel like no human has the right to decide someone’s fate or when someone dies.) Just an example!

      Then there’s the ever famous topic of abortion. Virtually every feminist blog has covered that topic and it never fails to get a frenzy of new and old readers. Or maybe you wish women were more empowered. Perhaps the media is having an effect on young people’s views of themselves. That’s always a trending topic.

      So, just take some time to reflect on your own views and what information/perspectives you may have to share with the world. It’s unbelievable how much impact a single person’s words can have on the world!

      3. Journies. What journies have you marched through in life that may be of benefit to other humans out there struggling? I remember I began writing on the topic of health and conditions like IBS and endometriosis several years ago as I was struggling (severely) through both of them to the point of being ill for years until I found my way through after surgery, treatments and finally natural remedies. If you have any kind of health condition that you’ve battled or are battling through, I promise you someone out there is wanting to read about it. They want to know if there’s others who can relate to what they’re facing, they want more info on what it’s like for others to go through it. They just want to feel less alone and be encouraged. They also want to know any information that could help them. Have you tried something for a specific condition and found relief? If so, that post will surely be a hit! I know from experience.

      I recall a blog by someone with Lyme disease. Very popular blog as the writer shared their experience, updating every so often on how things progressed. They didn’t share a “cure” as they didn’t know any, but just sharing what it was like each day gained a lot of readers. People want to connect with other people.

      Maybe you have a journey that wasn’t even negative! Perhaps you’ve had a really positive experience that’s lent you enough information that you could share with the world. Or maybe your positive journey could be encouragement for someone else.

      Either way, once your heart is in any topic you write about, you’re going to draw readers naturally.

      I hope this has been helpful. It can take time to decide on a topic, but you eventually will. Every writer has something in their brain that’s worthy of sharing and being read. 😉

      Best of luck! Let us know what you come up with so we can visit your blog.

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      I mainly write personal blogs but I also just wrote about being positive. I write about all different things really.

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      I always share my thoughts, things that I’ve observed, maybe overheard something that sparked a little inspiration in me. Sometimes I write things that are inspired by the oddest things. For instance my husband played World of Warcraft and years ago before I played too, I was very upset at how much time he was spending on the game instead of with our new baby. One of the characters had a ‘power’ called “Siphon Life” and it would read across the screen as he did this move. One day when I was particularly upset at talking to the back of his head I said “Siphon Life, Indeed! This game is sucking away your LIFE!” and thus it became a blog.

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      There are all kinds of topics to choose from so for my personal blogs that are outside of here, it’s making money and fitness and nutrition. I know that I am not consistent on creating blog posts on here but hopefully, that’ll happen real soon. I have 7 on here and will blog more once I figure out when I’ll stop being lazy and get back on that horse to blog on here. lol

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      I think anything that you enjoy. Could be a how to or even a product or business review. Write about things that interest you.

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      Grecy Garcia

      This is what I learned when I was in Bubblews, write trending topics but write in your own understanding to make it not appear as plagiarism. I get a lot of views by doing that.

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