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      His wife betrayed him with another man and a baby was born out of the unfaithful relationship.
      The wife admited her fault and asked for forgiveness.
      Though he forgave her, he is always filled with anger whenever the child comes close to him, for it makes him remember the child’s father.

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      First, I don’t think this man should take out his anger on the child. It’s certainly not the child’s fault for having been born.

      Second, I think this man should rehash everything with his wife. She was one of the parties involved in the relationship. Just because he’s forgiven her doesn’t mean he can’t be angry about what happened. Her apology may have been genuine but in my experience an apology isn’t enough to make a person forget everything that happened. As such, they do need to talk about it again and again until they truly resolve it.

      I’m worried that this couple is someone you know, so I’m trying to keep my thoughts professional and non-judgmental. Hopefully my thoughts can help them and good luck to both of them.

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      I think he should live with it and move on since he already decided to forgive his wife.

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