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      Petula Glave

      Coeliac disease is an auto-immune condition in which people who are diagnosed with the condition cannot eat foods containing gluten. Some of the foods containing gluten are wheat, rye and barley.

      A recent survey showed that 1 out of 100 are diagnosed with the condition every year plus people that don’t go to be officially diagnosed run a high risk being fatal for their health the longer it goes undetected.

      There are over 125,000 people who suffer from this disease and some of the symptoms are bloating, constipation, low iron levels, anaemia, tiredness, sickness, mouth ulcers and headaches.(Sometimes these symptoms are related to “Irritable Bowel Syndrome) due to the similarities of the both diseases.

      The good news is for children at least you CAN still eat cakes. When you have been diagnosed with the disease you will be assigned to a dietrichian who will advise you on a healthy diet for you to follow and it is not all doom and gloom (thankfully).

      There are various websites that will give you the lowdown on the disease and these are just a few to help you on your way. http://www.Juvela.com, http://www.healthcheekshop.co.uk, http://www.generadietry.com,www.trimdownclub.com

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      Coeliac Disease is an auto immune condition in the body where gluten foods are not tolerable in the gastro-intestinal system.

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      Did you mean celiac?

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      It’s spelled “celiac” in the US, “coeliac” in the UK. The extreme form is rare worldwide, but runs in some Irish families; it’s a maternal line thing in my family, though men get it and presumably hand it down too.

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